By L. Dennis Burns, CAPP

Near the end of last year, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) released a new report: “Expanding Traveler Choices Through the Use of Incentives: A Compendium of Examples”.

Below is a brief abstract describing the document.

“With increased congestion across the Nation’s roadways, transportation agencies, universities, and research institutions are testing new approaches and implementing programs to cause travelers to shift their behavior to alleviate congestion and proactively and dynamically manage the transportation system. Using behavioral economic theories, agencies have provided different ‘nudging’ incentives to promote behavioral changes from travelers to shift modes, times of travel, or routes taken before and during their trips. This primer looks at different programs across the world to see how organizations have tackled congestion with these strategies.”

The report can be downloaded here. Happy reading!

L. Dennis Burns, CAPP, is regional vice president with Kimley-Horn.