By Dan Fortinberry, CAPP

With the direct correlation of an efficient parking operation on successful economic development, customer experience, and business growth, it only makes sense that those in charge of parking systems, whether managed by a city department, parking authority, or private operator, must continually work toward getting parking right.

One year into my parking career, a wise mentor imparted the best parking management advice I ever received. He told me if I always remember that parking professionals are to facilitate activities that ensure there is adequate and accessible parking to the public, I would have a successful parking management career. Armed with this knowledge, I have come to realize that getting parking right always means providing adequate and accessible parking to the public regardless of why parking managers are brought to the table.

Now, as I find myself discussing residential parking permit programs, parking requirements for new development, garage designs, valet parking programs, parking studies, traffic studies, and so on, I simply remember my role as a parking professional is to advocate for getting parking right. Going forward, whether the parking industry becomes entirely cashless, autonomous vehicles start sharing the road with motorists, or more people opt to bike and walk, parking professionals will always need to get parking right, and in doing so, will ultimately be part of the success of the markets we serve.

Dan Fortinberry, CAPP, is parking division manager with the City of Cincinnati.