It’s industry presentation submission time! Author and speaker Stephen Key recently offered his seven top tips to make public speakers out of almost anyone—even if you’re among the majority of people who fear large presentations. Professional presenting, after all, is among the best ways to help advance the industry and get yourself out there as an expert. And, Key says, it can be fun for everyone:

  1. Be flexible. Expect the unexpected and go with it.
  2. Know your content. Your passion will shine through more if you’re not reliant on slides to make your point.
  3. Know what your audience needs. How is your presentation going to affect their lives?
  4. Connect with everyone in the room. Being friends with your audience when you hop up to the podium makes a world of difference.
  5. Command the stage. You’re in charge up there—act like it.
  6. Practice! Know your stuff, know your timing, and perfect your delivery before presentation day.
  7. Stay sharp on event day. Get plenty of rest, drink water, wear something that makes you feel fabulous, and arrive early to make sure everything’s in great shape when your audience shows up.

Get all of Key’s details here. Is this the year you take the stage and shine?

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention on the heels of such great advice that the Call for Presentations is open for the 2018 IPI Conference & Expo. You only have a few weeks to submit your great idea—get all the information you need here.