By Shannon Mayfield

I’ve worked in and around Class A office buildings for the past 15 years. During this time, I’ve seen changes to these buildings that range from new ceiling tile in the lobby to major renovations of a building’s façade. Big or small, these changes make a difference to the people working in these buildings day in and day out.

But why should these changes, these improvements, be limited to the building alone? Why not make a change to the place most people see at the start and end of their day? That, of course is the parking garage.

In 2016, management at 600 Travis decided to upgrade the garage to match the aesthetics of the building itself. When completed, parkers were treated to a brighter, upscale facility. Tenants were so impressed that they took visitors from the top floors (of a 75-story building) to the basement to see the new design. We, parking professionals, can make a difference because at the end of the day, Parking does matter!

Shannon Mayfield is an operations manager with Winpark.

The entrance ramps:








The parking stalls:








The overall view: