Bethlehem Parking Authority Receives 2023 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence


Bethlehem, Pennsylvania – The Bethlehem Parking Authority is proud to announce that they are among a select group of organizations chosen by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) to receive the 2023 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence. The Bethlehem Parking Authority was selected to receive this prestigious award for its Park Green Program.

The Bethlehem Parking Authority’s Park-Green Program incorporates sustainable practices into the organization’s operations as an example of continuous sustainability improvement. It aims to reduce environmental impacts by focusing on realistic and attainable goals targeting the organization’s daily operations. Some of the program’s accomplishments include,

  • Over 50% of the fleet is electric
  • Twenty-four Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in all Parking Garages and multiple Parking
  • All Parking Garages and Parking Lots have efficient LED
  • Reducing vehicle idle times at Parking Garage Exit Gates by offering and promoting Digital Ticketing Technology.
  • Committing to building new parking garages using Sustainable Design
  • Sustainable Idea incentive program for Team
  • A partnership with the Bethlehem Area School District to help lead after-school program instruction on Sustainability.

“We are thrilled to receive this prestigious award from the Department of Environmental Protection and the Pennsylvania Environmental Council. “We’ve had some great support from Mayor Reynolds and the City of Bethlehem and Senator Lisa Boscola,” said Steven Fernstrom, Executive Director. “We are committed to continuing our efforts to minimize our environmental impact and promote sustainable practices,” he added.

The Governor’s Awards for Environmental Excellence are presented yearly to highlight the best environmental innovation and expertise throughout the Commonwealth. The award is open to any Pennsylvania business, farm, government agency, educational institution, and individual that has created, or participated in, the development of a project that promotes environmental stewardship in Pennsylvania.