Professional Parking Technologies Introduces CellRaven, A Groundbreaking New Product That Provides Reliable and Cost-Effective Cellphone Connectivity in Buildings and Parking Facilities


Dallas, Texas —Professional Parking Technologies LLC (ProParking) today announced the launch of CellRaven™, a groundbreaking new product that provides reliable and cost-effective cellphone connectivity throughout buildings and building complexes, as well as in parking facilities and underground parking garages. CellRaven is a proprietary formula that re-engineers enterprise WiFi signals throughout any building or underground parking facility. That customized WiFi signal can then be accessed by all cell phones with WiFi calling capabilities.

“High-Rise buildings often struggle to provide reliable and consistent cell-service, particularly in their underground garages, and traditional strategies have been extraordinarily expensive,” said Brent Van Loggerenberg, ProParking’s managing Partner. “Most cell phones have WiFi calling capabilities, so by extending a strong, consistent signal throughout a building or parking structure, CellRaven provides near universal connectivity at a fraction of the cost of traditional cellular strategies.”

CellRaven’s powerful enterprise solution offers high speeds, strong signals, and the ability to re-engineer the solution to the specific cellular needs of any building owner. Repeaters are strategically placed throughout underground garages to provide the necessary coverage, even for people in moving vehicles. Additional repeaters can be placed in lobbies and other common areas, as well as on individual floors, to assure a strong and consistent signal throughout the building.

In addition to improving cell coverage, CellRaven also provides important parking benefits. Because newer IP-based Parking Access and Control Systems (PARCS) and EV Chargers rely heavily on connectivity, the WiFi provided by the system can also be used to connect PARCS and other systems to cloud-based applications or to communicate with command centers and other remote sites. Additionally, CellRaven can connect parkers using other parking technologies like mobile payment, pre-booking, or EV Charging.

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