Parking and Mobility Company Spot Parking Rebrands to Modii: Leading Digital Infrastructure in Mobility Spaces


With a New Year, comes a new name. Modii, formerly known as Spot Parking, is rebranding to better reflect its mission of modernizing mobility. The new name represents the company’s core focus on creating digital infrastructure, data integration, and parking intelligence.

As urban areas become increasingly congested and consumer expectations continue to adapt, Modii is supporting digital transformation to meet these challenges – transforming the way people travel in the built environment through data-driven mobility solutions.

The Modii platform creates an ecosystem that unifies technologies and provides efficient and cost-effective solutions to the parking and mobility industry. Modii President, Mark Frumar, said the company’s rebrand is timely as the industry continues to embrace a data-driven approach to improve the lives of their communities.

“Using technology to solve problems that continually plague the industry has always been a focus of ours. We are excited to now expand our platform to align with our customer’s future vision of frictionless multi-modal transportation and sustainability”

“As we see the requirement of a digital infrastructure becoming mainstream, our rebrand will better position us to support our customers,” said Mr. Frumar.

Modii’s customers include several of the country’s largest and most prominent universities, as well as growing municipalities leading innovation from coast to coast.

Modii will maintain its commitment to providing excellent service to its customers. The company’s new logo and branding will be rolled out across all of its products and services in the coming weeks.

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