Bethlehem Parking Authority Announces Parking Reservation App and 6th Electric Vehicle

Parking Reservation App

Customers visiting Bethlehem will be able to reserve their parking sessions in advance in any of the Bethlehem Parking Authority Garages by using the parking app, ParkWhiz.

Through the ParkWhiz app, customers can find the parking garage of their choice and book their parking sessions. When they arrive at the garage, they’ll use their phone as a credential to scan in and then scan out when they leave.

“Our customers can book parking sessions before they even leave their home so, it’s just one less thing they need to worry about before coming to enjoy Bethlehem” said Steven Fernstrom, Executive Director of the Bethlehem Parking Authority. “We’ve made the parking experience in Bethlehem frictionless and more convenient by continuously onboarding the latest and best technology that’s out there,” added Fernstrom.

Expect reservation parking to go live in Bethlehem on April 25, 2022. The ParkWhiz app is available for Apple and Google phones.

Bethlehem Parking Authority Electric Vehicles

The Bethlehem Parking Authority has added a sixth Electric Vehicle to their fleet. With the addition of the sixth Electric Vehicle, the Bethlehem Parking Authority fleet is now over thirty percent electric. The BPA began to phase out its ageing fleet with Electric Vehicles in 2020.

“We’re happy with the progress we’ve made to reduce our environmental impacts with the addition of our Electric Vehicle fleet” said Steven Fernstrom, Executive Director of the Parking Authority. “We’re always looking for new ways we can add Sustainability practices here at the BPA,” Fernstrom added.

For more information on the BPA’s Sustainability initiatives, go to