Quercus Technologies launches its outdoor parking guidance system

Quercus Technologies’ comprehensive global parking solution now features a new outdoor parking guidance systemSC Outdoor, capable of detecting available spaces in outdoor and rooftop parking facilities, and designed to facilitate parking mobility. Quercus’s smart parking guidance system achieves over 99% accuracy in vehicle detection, as confirmed by comparison with actual images. Outdoor smart parking facility control is key. The system markedly increases user mobility, as it directs customers to areas with available spaces via communication between SC Outdoor and information displays.

SC Outdoor enables comprehensive analysis of the situation in a smart parking facility, and detection of stay times for each vehicle through a platform characterized by its easy use, access and integration. With this system, up to 100 parking spaces are analyzed by camera, with adaptation to the needs of each parking facility and type when it comes to installation and maintenance, and very low infrastructure costs.

SC Outdoor, our smart outdoor parking solution, operates with the BirdWatch parking management system, Quercus Technologies’ unique, comprehensive parking system software. BirdWatch centralizes and interconnects the information gathered by all the products that make up the comprehensive parking solution. Real-time information on parking space occupancy can be shown on the LED displays that help guide drivers, with the goal of providing a higher-quality user experience.

User experience, the key goal of the comprehensive advanced outdoor solutions and interconnection with BirdWatch

SC Outdoor’s added value lies in its capacity for interconnection with the rest of devices and solutions that make up the company’s comprehensive parking solution through Quercus Technologies’ parking management technology. Together with this new outdoor solution, other BirdWatch functionalities enable easy generation of statistics and reports that identify present and future usage patterns, in addition to knowledge on user trends. BirdWatch gathers all of this data, essential for Business Intelligence.

Guiding users to free spaces in a parking facility in a simple and direct manner is a fundamental need all guided parking systems must meet. The advanced outdoor solutions are the ideal accompaniment to Quercus Technologies’ camera-based smart parking guidance system, SC Indoor. It is a perfect combination of systems designed to reduce congestion, improve end user satisfaction and increase vehicle rotation in the parking facility.

Efficient management of the parking facility, and getting the most profitability and productivity from parking spaces or areas, are key factors when considering a guidance system. The BirdWatch software platform lets operators gather complete data that lead to efficient overall control of parking facilities while also enhancing security.

How can you harvest Big Data on your parking facility? The SC Indoor sensors for smart parking and SC Outdoor parking control solutions, matrix information displays, the light per space system, kiosks to locate vehicles by license plate number and LPR cameras at access and exit points are all key components for optimal parking management. The information gathered by these devices, centralized in a single software platform, gives you total control over your facility, and expedites strategic decision-making based on parking customs and trends.

Guaranteed security in the facility, and access automation, with the comprehensive parking control solutions

Increased security in the parking facility is one of the highest priorities of parking facility operators, a basic element for an efficient management of the premises. Video surveillance of all movements in each of the spaces and in outdoor areas through panoramic cameras offers security at the highest level.

By monitoring the facility this way, operators prevent fraud, damages to vehicles, attempted or actual theft, muggings and accidents that can cause vehicle damage. In the comprehensive parking solution parking managers will find a higher degree of security, and pass it on to their end users, who enjoy a surprise-free parking experience.

Quercus Technologies’ comprehensive parking solution features access control in addition to all of the information gathered by the different smart parking devices. This way, operators know the condition of vehicles when they access and leave the premises, and prevent fraudulent claims for alleged incidents inside the parking facility.

Secure, automatic access, with no physical contact between the user and surfaces is now a growing demand, especially in the current circumstances. Thanks to the parking management software of the LPR cameras, parking facility operators can analyze the data gathered, and strategically generate decisions to continue optimizing and improving their parking systems.

Automated access thanks to the automatic license plate reader lets drivers reserve their space on-line prior to arrival at the parking facility. With the added value of specific parking space reservation thanks to SC Indoor, a parking space can be linked to a license plate number, and enable management to detect whether it is occupied by the right customer.