Parker Technology Announces Partnership with Access Professional Systems

 Indianapolis, IN — Parker Technology is now partnering with Access Professional Systems (APS) to provide their customer base with a flexible customer service solution. The addition of Parker’s intercom call center service and corresponding software platform will resolve parking guests’ issues in the lane and provide customers real-time call performance data and recordings.

“The partnership between APS and Parker Technology is the perfect marriage between two industry-leading parking technologies,” said Brian Wolff, president of Parker Technology. “Parking owners and operators who use APS’s access and revenue control equipment will love the customer service benefits our technology offers.”

Customer support platforms can instantly connect parking guests to trained professionals who can solve problems related to paying for parking, or entering and exiting garages, which results in an improved customer experience, and more successful transactions. Each year, parkers across the US reach out to customer service professionals via call buttons at least 85 million times.

“We are excited to be partnering with Parker Technology to make customer support available on APS access control equipment,” said Chris Scheppmann, president of Access Professional Systems. “APS equipment is known for providing the simplest, most convenient automated parking equipment, and adding Parker Technology ensures that we will continue to provide the most customer-friendly parking experience.”

About Access Professional Systems

San Diego-based Access Professional Systems (APS) is a leading provider of parking technology. Founded in 1977 by Russell L. Scheppmann, APS has been providing comprehensive gate automation, access and revenue control, video surveillance, and parking guidance solutions for over 40 years. APS can be found online at

About Parker Technology

Parker Technology is a software and services company that helps parking facilities provide an excellent customer experience, by resolving issues for parking guests when they fail in the face of automated payment kiosks. Parker’s patient, well-informed specialists virtually answer and resolve intercom calls 24/7 and is the only company in the parking industry that can deliver this service with face-to-face, two-way video communication. Putting this personal, human touch back into an automated situation enhances the customer experience, provides metrics to improve operational efficiencies, increases successful payments, and ensures customer service calls are answered. Learn more at