New app offers customers increased convenience – while increasing revenue opportunities and operational efficiencies for municipalities, higher-education, and other customers utilizing AIMS Parking Management platform.

Syracuse, NY – EDC Corporation, the Syracuse, NY-based developer of the AIMS Parking Management suite of parking management solutions, announced today that it has officially launched its consumer-facing AIMS MobilePay app. The smart phone app offers added convenience to consumers while affording new revenue and operational opportunities to the cities, universities, airports, and health care centers utilizing the AIMS parking suite of products.

“Today’s drivers appreciate and increasingly expect their pay-to-park transactions to be facilitated and made more convenient using a smart phone app,” said Ellen Genung, Vice President of EDC Corporation. “After considerable research, development, and a deep dive into the user experiences and pitfalls of other mobile payment apps on the market, AIMS MobilePay – or AMP Park for short – is our thoughtful answer to that need. Not by coincidence, it’s one more in a long line of strategic investments and technology tools we’ve recently introduced to the AIMS Parking Solutions suite, such as LPR, mobile enforcement, and complete e-ticketing.”

Genung added that the AIMS MobilePay app was developed based on extensive customer feedback, thorough interactive design and beta-testing phases – culminating in its launch at the company’s latest annual User Conference, held in Fort Worth, Texas this fall (September 16-18), where the final version of the app was introduced.  “Our clients now have a mobile payment solution that fully integrates with their permit and enforcement management system, consolidating parking capacities, revenue reporting and enforcement data into one comprehensive system.  This is a step beyond simply integrating enforcement with third-party mobile payment apps.”


Compatible with iOS and Android smart phones – and downloaded free of charge from the customer’s app store of choice (Apple App Store or Google Play) – the AMP Park smart phone app establishes a secure and individualized account for your customer, including an encrypted wireless connection to the user’s preferred payment method. Once the app is installed, the AMP Park app:

  • Assists with identifying available parking spaces in your AIMS Parking Management service area
  • Streamlines payments with no need to exit the vehicle, transact with cash or a credit card, or interact with a parking meter, kiosk, or parking attendant;
  • Provides real-time access to the consumer’s AMP Park account via phone or desktop (at, where the customer can set parking session reminders, review transaction history, update and manage multiple payment methods, and more


In addition to providing paid-parking customers added convenience, AIMS MobilePay also benefits entities running on the AIMS Parking Solution platform. Benefits include:

  • Increased revenue — The convenience of AIMS MobilePay’s space locater and payment functions encourages consumers to utilize paid parking.
  • Better use of parking-space inventory — The app’s space locator function also helps parking management better utilize and maximize capacity.
  • An attractive alternative to 3rd party mobile-pay apps — When consumers utilize the AIMS MobilePay service, as opposed to popular consumer parking apps, the operator has the opportunity to capture a greater percentage of the resulting revenues, speed collection of payments, and retain more flexibility and authority to set parking rates.
  • More consumer insight — Because AIMS MobilePay is an extension of – and fully integrated with – the operator’s existing AIMS Parking Management system, its use enables capture and leverage of associated customer data and parking trends such as frequency, seasonality, and more.
  • Improved enforcement – AIMS MobilePay links to the operator’s AIMS Mobile Enforcement device, which in turn allows enforcement staff to view active and expired sessions and issue citations to vehicles without paid parking sessions.
  • Easier customer management — AMP Park links parking sessions to existing customers in your AIMS Parking Management system, providing a complete picture of parking activity including past citations, current permits, and all the pay-by-phone parking sessions on one screen.
  • Improved reporting — One system provides a snapshot of enforcement, permitting, and pay-by-phone sessions – including financials, customer data, location capacities, usage, and more.

Those interested in learning more about the new AIMS MobilePay app from EDC – and the broader AIMS Parking Solutions suite supporting the app — are encouraged to visit the company’s website and/or schedule a live demo.


EDC Corporation is a leading provider of parking systems for municipalities, higher education, and other industry segments. For 25 years, our flagship software suite — AIMS Parking Management Software — has been implemented, innovating, and hard at work at over 180 parking operations across North America.

Proven, reliable, easy-to-use, fully integrated, scalable and fully supported by a customer-focused team of in-house software developers, seasoned field/sales professionals, and knowledgeable implementation experts — AIMS Parking Management Software supports: ticket management; permit management; mobile enforcement; LPR (license plate recognition); event management; and, new in 2019, a consumer-facing mobile payment.

In acknowledgment of the significant challenges facing operators reliant on parking management systems that have fallen short of expectations, EDC also offers a proprietary LaneChange™, step-by-step process for migration to and implementation of its platform.

To learn more about AIMS Parking Management Solutions — or schedule a live demo for a parking management or facilities team — visit The company is also on LinkedIn and Twitter.