Orlando, FL (October 28, 2019)—Chauntry, the leading provider of parking reservations systems, announced today the introduction of the first parking reservations platform developed specifically for the exhibition and convention industry. Chauntry’s Parkspace Exhibition Platform allows exhibitors and convention attendees to reserve and pay for the closest available parking to their event before traveling to the convention location, eliminating the inconvenience of having to search for a spot. The platform also permits convention administrators to better manage conference attendance.

“The Chauntry Parkspace Exhibition platform is an exciting advancement for the convention industry,” said Theresa Hughes, Chief Executive Officer of Chauntry. “It can be time-consuming and frustrating for exhibitors and attendees to find a parking space close to their show. This is especially important for exhibitors who may have to carry heavy equipment to and from their vehicles throughout the show. Parkspace Exhibition eliminates that stress and frustration by permitting exhibitors and attendees to reserve the closest available parking in advance.”

Chauntry’s Parkspace Exhibition platform manages the entire pre-booking process. When exhibitors and attendees log in the platform asks them to select their event and the days they’ll be attending. The system then recommends the most appropriate location to park, based on the event. The customer then selects his or her preferred location and reserves a spot.

“Parkspace Exhibition helps assure that exhibitors and attendees will have a pleasant and convenient parking experience, but it also benefits conference organizers,” said Hughes. “The platform provides key data about who will be attending the show and when, and that data can be invaluable for managing shows more efficiently.”

Parkspace Exhibition provides parking data that allows conference administrators to keep track of how many people will be attending their convention and when. And because parkers pre-pay for parking online, Parkspace Exhibition can also eliminate the long waits at garage exits that are common at the close of the exhibition day. Finally, Parkspace Exhibition provides long-term cost savings to convention centers by eliminating the need to purchase, maintain, and replace costly parking payment infrastructure.

About Chauntry
Chauntry is the world’s leading provider of parking reservations systems. Founded in 1991, Chauntry pioneered the development of innovative parking reservations solutions, and today the company continues to lead the way with the introduction of valuable new parking reservations products and services. Chauntry can be found online at www.chauntry.com.