Member Testimonials



“I have benefited personally from IPMI’s steady advocacy for the parking profession, but more importantly, I have made lifelong connections with friends who understand the parking world and help me solve problems.”

Maria Irshad
Assistant Director
City of Houston Parking Management Division


j_nolan“IPMI gives you the education to be a leader, the insight to be successful, and the connectivity with industry experts that will make you better than you could ever imagine.”

John W. Nolan, MS, CAPP
Managing Director of Transportation and the Campus Service Center
Harvard University


Lancaster“IPMI has been a lifeline to me in countless situations where sharing what I learned from other members helped support my efforts to initiate new systems. When my employer had to cut travel expenses, I paid my own way to the IPMI Conference & Expo.”

Lynne Lancaster, CAPP
Operations Manager
Department of Public Works-General Services
City of Richmond, Va.

d_hoffman“IPMI continuously pushes the industry to the next steps by keeping us poised for the future. It educates us in cutting edge concepts, anticipating and preparing us for trending developments, helping us assert a positive influence and then bringing us all into an environment where we help and support one another and celebrate together when we thrive.”

Debbie Hoffmann, CAPP
Associate Director, Transportation Services
Texas A&M University

b_shaw“IPMI has provided a forum for me and my team to learn from and share with my peers at other universities across the country. I always look forward to the university roundtable at the annual Conference to catch up with old friends and make new ones.”

Brian D. Shaw, CAPP
Executive Director, Department of Parking & Transportation Services
Stanford University


Cudney“IPMI has done a wonderful job in its push to communicate that Parking Matters®.”

Gary Cudney, PE
Former President and CEO
Carl Walker, Inc.



Corry“IPMI offers the best-in-class training and professional development I need for my staff and me to become more effective in what we do.”

Allen Corry, CAPP
Asst VP, Revenue Mgmt Division
Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport


Lyons“At a recent IPMI conference, I learned about a new technology that requires no investment, little planning, and serves my customers before they even arrive at my facility. IPMI continually re-energizes and inspires me!”

Mark Lyons, CAPP
Parking Division Manager
City of Sarasota, Fla.


Hill“Joining IPMI is one of the important ways you and your employees can enhance their knowledge and professionalism, while also contributing to work-life satisfaction.”

David Hill, CAPP
Clayton-Hill Associates



Solesbee2“Fellow IPMI members are always willing to share their time, talent, and lessons learned. In fact, odds are good that you’ll find at least one person who has already tackled that tricky issue to which you can’t find an answer!”

Vanessa Solesbee
Town of Estes Park, Colorado



“IPMI is the leading organization that really provides all the education needed for the parking industry to move forward.”

Roamy Valera, CAPP
CEO North America, PaybyPhone



Smith“I was desperate to network, discover best practices, and implement new strategies to make our city better. What I’d heard through the grapevine was true. IPMI is the way to tap into the friendliest, most knowledgeable, and helpful group of people in parking.”

Tiffany Smith
Director, Parking Authority of River City, Inc.
Louisville, Ky.


“IPMI is the only association where I can connect with top level members of parking organizations and the companies that service the industry at the same time. The environment created by IPMI is the best I have ever experienced in regards to mixing vendors and attendees together at a conference, then giving them a platform to interact freely.”

Mike Weiler
Director of Sales


j_jones“From supervisor in 2008 at a small Institution to director at my alma mater by 2014. Can’t tell me IPMI doesn’t pay off! The knowledge, expertise, and passion that is exhibited within IPMI is refreshing and provides an educational platform for many levels within parking and beyond.”

Jason M. Jones
Director, Parking & Mass Transit Services
University at Albany


Mabry“In this fast-paced, constantly-evolving industry, IPMI keeps me up to date on the latest technology and parking solutions.”

Mary Mabry, CAPP
Product Manager-Parking Solutions
Cardinal Tracking, Inc.


“IPMI is an excellent way to connect with colleagues and learn more about what goes into parking beyond the street and garage walls.”

Jonathan Wicks, CAPP
Walker Consultants



Cummings“I pay my way and take vacation time to attend the IPMI Conference & Expo because of the invaluable networking and professional development opportunities.”

Vanessa R. Cummings, CAPP
Parking Supervisor
Columbus State Community College
Columbus, Ohio


jc_porter“Working at the largest university in the country in terms of enrollment can bring challenges. IPMI serves as an invaluable resource for me in networking and professional development and provides me opportunities to collaborate with other universities on best practices for campus bike, shuttle, and parking programs.”

JC Porter, CAPP
Assistant Director, Commuter Services
Parking & Transit Services
Arizona State University