Passport’s Digital Enforcement Solution Helps Cities Improve Payment Compliance and Recover Revenue


Leader in curb management helps collect real-time data, issue citations, and expand revenue opportunities more easily by aligning operations and officers.


Charlotte, NC – April 29, 2024 – Passport, the leader in curb management solutions, is highlighting the growing demand for its Digital Enforcement Solution, which empowers cities to easily and effectively manage parking, make data-informed decisions, and maintain compliance. Passport’s real-time enforcement technology software and integrated solution enable holistic parking management to provide cities with the ability to adapt to changing needs while driving compliance. In just the last 12 months, more than 20 cities nationwide have launched Passport enforcement, including Tampa, FL, Dallas, TX, Jackson, MS; and the City of Lebanon, OH, to include the spectrum of enforcement offerings from ticket issuance through collections.

“Parking enforcement has been largely overlooked over the last decade as a missing piece of the decision-making and planning process as cities have leaned into further supporting their parking and transportation directors,” said Khristian Gutierrez, co-founder and CEO of Passport. “The reality is that the processes and technology underpinning parking enforcement are the backbone of an effective parking management program.  Parking enforcement technology is a strategic asset for better understanding the interplay of vehicles, pedestrians, and urban spaces, ensuring the seamless operation of city life.”

A recent Passport survey of 20 cities in the U.S. and Canada found that nearly 86% of 2023 parking citations were settled online. Passport’s solution streamlines the citation lifecycle through efficient collection options and connects operations teams with officers on the street for greater insights and optimization. By leveraging Passport’s easy-to-use mobile application with real-time GPS data, including the ability to integrate license plate recognition (LPR) technology for monitoring paid vehicles and time spent at the curb, enforcement officers can operate 4x faster, including issuing a citation in under one minute.

Passport analyzes data from multiple angles so cities can uncover trends, patterns, and supply-and-demand imbalances while gaining insights into how various factors, including parking sessions, weather conditions, and closures, impact revenue, violations, and congestion. Ticket issuance and enforcement technology deliver critical data on parking behavior, occupancy rates, signage, communication efficacy, customer experience, and compliance trends. These insights enable cities to enforce rules fairly and efficiently, maintaining order and accessibility in increasingly congested urban landscapes.

The City of Clayton, MO, in St. Louis County, experiences swelling populations during the day (upwards of 46,000), and is one of the only municipalities in the region that manages on-street paid parking. With Passport’s enforcement capabilities, the City of Clayton has seen a significant increase in parking compliance and punitive revenue recovery. In 2023, of all citations paid, 98% were paid within 90 days, and 87% of those were paid online.

“The switch to Passport’s enforcement solution has increased efficiency and compliance considerably, compared to the process we were using in the past,” said Gary Carter, Director of Economic Development for the City of Clayton

“Enforcement isn’t just about issuing tickets – it’s about creating a robust parking management ecosystem that promotes order, efficiency, and data-driven decision-making. With the right enforcement solutions in place, cities can navigate the complexities of parking management with ease, enhancing the urban mobility experience for all,” added Gutierrez.

In addition to enforcement, Passport’s unified platform enables mobile payments and digital permitting, along with its groundbreaking Performance Benchmarking solution, which provides cities with comparative data to evaluate their performance against peers. By delivering deeper insights into curb management challenges and trends, Passport ensures city planners can maximize efficiencies and make better decisions.

Over 800 cities and private operators across North America are leveraging Passport at more than 5,000 locations. For more information about Passport’s unique approach, visit

About Passport

Passport is the leader in unified parking and curb management. By integrating enforcement, parking, and payments into one software solution, Passport is the only platform that brings together the complexities of mobility operations into one view to help cities improve decision-making and efficiencies. From citation issuance to mobile payments, permitting technology, and more, Passport is empowering cities of all sizes with better insights to improve parking turnover, expand revenue opportunities, and create more livable communities. Passport is trusted by more than 800 clients across North America.

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