PayByCar Expands Into The Parking Industry With Pay-By-Text Technology


Boston, MA. (May 25, 2022) – PayByCar, Inc., the leading mobile payments company responsible for providing pay-by-text payments, announces an expansion into the Off-Street Parking industry.

The company is responsible for leading the fueling industry with its mobile payments technology responsible for providing pay-by-text payments at gas stations across Massachusetts. Since 2021, PayByCar has made waves in the fintech and fueling industry following successful partnerships with organizations like the 19-state E-ZPass Group, Alltown Mobil, and others.

“Our first-of-its-kind mobile payment technology simplifies the user experience for off-street parking and has the opportunity to reach an estimated addressable market of 50 million drivers who are currently equipped with E-ZPass transponders,” said Kevin Condon, CEO and Founder of PayByCar.

As a leader in in-vehicle payments, PayByCar’s goal is to make in-vehicle payments faster, easier, and more secure, with no need for apps, tickets, or kiosks.

PayByCar allows customers with an E-ZPass® transponder or a PayByCar windshield sticker to perform contactless payments when refueling at participating locations from their mobile device, without ever having to touch payment screens or use cash, credit cards, or mobile apps. It is part of a program called “Driven by E-ZPass®” that the company developed in partnership with the 19 states that make up the E-ZPass Group.

PayByCar users simply pay by responding to a text message when they drive into participating locations. Mobile purchases do not get applied to the customer’s toll account. Instead, the parking payment is charged to the payment card the customer uses when enrolling to the Driven by E-ZPass program on the PayByCar website

About PayByCar

PayByCar is a leader in making possible in-vehicle contactless payments for all cars – both new models with state-of-the-art tech, as well as millions of older vehicles.  We start with a simple goal – make in-vehicle payments easy, safe and fast today.  If you have a toll transponder and a smartphone, you’ve got what it takes to join PayByCar now. If you don’t have a transponder, ask for PayByCar’s own non-toll tag instead.  To Learn More Please Visit: