ITE & IPMI Launch Strategic Partnership to Update Landmark Parking Generation Manual


The Institute for Transportation Engineers (ITE) and the International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI) announced a new strategic partnership in support of an updated version of ITE’s landmark publication, the Parking Generation Manual (PGM).  Currently in the 5th edition, the PGM follows the lead of the modernized, updated, and expanded Trip Generation Manual, 10th Edition. The PGM differentiates parking demand levels based on extensive data collected at rural, general urban/suburban, dense multi-use urban, and center city core sites based on land-use type.



Partnership to Update Parking Generation Manual

ITE and IPMI are jointly issuing a formal Call for Data to support the next edition of the PGM.  Data will be analyzed and released in aggregate for the manual and a companion web-based ParkGen application. For more information on how data is aggregated and utilized, reference ITE’s Frequently Asked Questions.  All data is held in the strictest confidentiality and will only be released in aggregate; specific sites and data sets are not available or identifiable in the final publications and resources.

The PGM supports parking requirements and decision-making throughout the country and is heavily referenced in zoning codes that specify parking requirements for land uses. This effort will update and modernize the critical baseline data set used in the PGM.

Call for Data Details

The joint Call for Data will source both pre- and post-pandemic data sets including but not limited to residential, hospital, municipal, airport, and other land uses.  Data will include off-street and on-street counts and offer expanded resources for both suburban and urban environments.  The call will utilize the new Alliance for Parking Data Standards.  The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certified data specifications will streamline the submission process, make the data more accessible, and maximize utilization by owners and operators of parking assets worldwide.

Jeff Paniati, ITE Executive Director, shares more on the new partnership and its industry impact:

“We are pleased to enter this partnership in support of the next edition of the Parking Generation Manual.  Working together we can ensure that the data supporting the PGM is as up-to-date and robust as possible. Our goal is to continue to provide a resource for communities to use in making good decisions on future parking needs.”

IPMI’s CEO, Shawn Conrad emphasized the importance of the strategic collaboration:

“Our members and colleagues have the critical information required to enhance the upcoming edition of the manual.  Parking facility owners and operators in every market segment will now be able to share their aggregated demand data to both broaden and deepen the data that forms the foundation of this pivotal publication.”

Companion Guide to the Parking Generation Manual

ITE and IPMI will also release a new Companion Guide to the Parking Generation Manual, which will provide background, context, and best practices on how to use and apply the manual.  This Guide will address changing needs and trends that impact trips and parking assets, including freight and urban pick up and drop off zones, TNCs (Uber/Lyft), micro-mobility, electric vehicles (EVs) and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), and Americans with Disability Act (ADA) guidelines.

The Call for Data will open mid-April to collect this critical industry data.


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About the Alliance for Parking Data Standards (APDS)

The Alliance for Parking Data Standards (APDS), formed by the International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI), the British Parking Association (BPA), and the European Parking Association (EPA), is a not-for-profit organization with the mission to develop, promote, manage, and maintain a uniform global standard that will allow organizations to share parking data across platforms worldwide.

Now ISO-certified, APDS is a consensus-built international standard based on key guiding principles establishing a common language for data elements and definitions in the parking, transportation, and mobility sector that helps to facilitate seamless integration, compatibility, and communication between parking entities, the automotive industry, IT developers, map and app providers, as well as other stakeholders.