2023 Editorial Calendar

2023 Parking & Mobility Editorial Calendar

January 2023

Upskilling: Evolution of the Parking and Mobility Professional

Deadline: November 15, 2022

What are the skills and proficiencies that parking and mobility professionals, both in the office and on the frontline, will need to be successful in the decade to come?

February 2023

Changing Face of Transportation: EV, TDM, Active Modes (biking, scooters)

Deadline: December 15, 2022

Exploring the ever-evolving modes of transit and micro-mobility, the impact of equity, and the future of multi-modal transportation planning.

March 2023

Destination/Event Parking and Mobility Management

Deadline January 13, 2023

Planning the parking and transit plans for large event venues, campuses for universities and healthcare systems, and special events presents unique challenges requiring specialized solutions.

April 2023

Sustainable Parking & Mobility

Deadline February 15, 2023

The parking and mobility industry plays a fundamental role in driving sustainability in transportation. What innovations are promoting a greener, more sustainable future?

May 2023


Deadline March 15, 2023

What does the future hold for parking and mobility? Technology is evolving at the most rapid pace in modern history. What is next?

June 2023

Real Estate Planning, Design, & Construction

Deadline April 14, 2023

Design case studies. Innovative products, design, and construction techniques. Real estate trends.

July 2023

Stories from the Frontline

Deadline May 15, 2023

Spotlight on the people of parking and mobility.

August 2023

Transportation Equity

Deadline June 15, 2023

Transportation equity requires understanding the needs of every person potentially served or impacted by every transportation decision. What is the parking and mobility industry doing to impact transportation equity.

September 2023

Funding and Finance for Parking & Mobility

Deadline July 14, 2023

Making sense of the dollars in parking and mobility. Where is the money coming from to fund tomorrow’s innovations? Where is the best place to invest today’s capital funds?

October 2023

Rethinking Urban Mobility

Deadline August 15, 2023

Continued urban development requires the ongoing evolution of sustainable and efficient mobility options and services in our nation’s most populated areas. What is the future of transport for people and goods from one location to another?

November 2023

Planning for Campuses and Large-Scale Operations

Deadline September 15, 2023

Parking and mobility focus on educational, healthcare, business campus, airports, and other large-scale operations.

December 2023

Breaking Boundaries: Stories of Innovation

Deadline October 13, 2023

Stories of groundbreaking innovation or technologies applied to parking and mobility applications that saved time, money, or increased service.

2023 Standing Columns

Innovation & Technology


The Green Impact
Stories from the Frontline
HR Impact
Parking Spotlight
Leadership Moment
Business of Parking - Marketing
Business of Parking - Finance
Business of Parking - Legal

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