Parkopedia to provide upgraded premium parking services to Volkswagen of America

  • Parkopedia expands its existing partnership with Volkswagen of America (VWoA) to include parking reservation and integrated payment services
  • The new service is delivered through the Volkswagen Car-Net service and app, in combination with the all-new MIB3 infotainment system
  • The service is now live for drivers, covering all legacy and new Volkswagen of America vehicles that support Car-Net services
  • Volkswagen of America will use Parkopedia’s payment platform to handle payments seamlessly and securely with coverage across major parking providers and locations in the USA

Parkopedia, the world’s leading parking services provider, has announced a new deal with Volkswagen of America (VWoA) to provide parking reservation services to Volkswagen drivers using the Car-Net service and the associated smartphone app in the USA. The service is now live for drivers and will cover both legacy and new vehicles produced by Volkswagen that support Car-Net services. This comes as an extension to Parkopedia’s premium parking services provided to the automaker, which include detailed parking information on available spaces delivered through Car-Net already.

The system will be available through the latest generation Car-Net app via a new reservation option, utilising Parkopedia’s market-leading payment platform. The platform enables drivers to register their payment details once in a single secure account and then digitally pay for parking sessions effortlessly within activated locations. Reserve and pay is a further example of how
Parkopedia is working with automakers to help innovate the automotive industry and provide better user experiences for drivers.

There are additional benefits for drivers of 2021 model year vehicles, equipped with the latest MIB3 infotainment system, such as Atlas and Arteon models. These vehicles will feature further benefits from the new service, by providing enhanced navigation directly to available spaces via the vehicle navigation system working in unison with the Car-Net system. These additional features will now act to complement the existing parking coverage that Parkopedia already provides to millions of Volkswagen drivers across the USA.

Commenting on the announcement, Parkopedia’s CEO and Founder, Eugene Tsyrklevich said: “As the pandemic continues to change how we operate, Parkopedia’s expertise in the industry allows us to be at the forefront of parking innovation by anticipating the needs of today’s drivers and working with OEMs to deliver solutions. We believe the future is around user convenience and control, using contactless technology, real-time data and cloud-based solutions to both meet and exceed driver’s needs, and provide features such as parking reservations, combined with integrated frictionless payment solutions. We are thrilled to be aligned with Volkswagen of
America in this vision as we continue to expand our range of services together.”

About Parkopedia

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Media Contact: Adam Calland, Marketing Director, Parkopedia