Empty parking garage at night.Adaptive reuse–repurposing existing buildings for new uses–has been a topic of discussion in the parking and mobility industry for some time. Now, a traffic engineering and transportation planning company CEO says it’s time to really put words into action and repurpose old parking garages for low-income housing.

“Recognizing the success of these efforts [alternative uses of garages during COVID-19] and the growing homelessness crisis, enterprising operators are now lobbying planning and zoning boards in cities around the country to relax restrictions so that they can retrofit their under-used garages to provide affordable living space for families,” writes Wes Guckert on Smart Cities Dive.

He says when a full-out reuse project is impractical, housing “pods” can be inserted into garages, offering housing in areas where parking demand is dramatically down from a year or two ago and/or where parking minimums have been abolished.

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