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INRIX announced a new suite of cloud-based applications to help organizations understand, manage and improve mobility — anytime, anywhere.

INRIX IQ provides a smarter, faster and more affordable alternative to traditional methods of data collection, management, and analysis. By connecting the dots between people, vehicles, roads, cities and businesses – we can help organizations gain deep insights from the entire transportation eco-system.

“In today’s fast paced world, organizations need answers in minutes or hours, not days or months. INRIX IQ is a reliable, easy-to-use SaaS application suite that can help anyone understand the movement of people and goods.”  Bryan Mistele, President & CEO, INRIX

At launch, INRIX IQ includes four powerful applications packed with easy-to-use features, beautiful visualizations and pre-built reports:

  • Data Showcase: Experience all of our high-quality content layers like Traffic, Routing, Parking, Driver Services and Incidents firsthand in an interactive map.
  • Road Rules: A complete tool for cities to easily digitize, manage and communicate the rules of their roadways, curbs and sidewalks.
  • Roadway Analytics: Access on-demand traffic data, analytics and visualizations that can help you improve roadway performance and urban mobility.
  • Trip Trends: Get fast insights into the movement of people, goods, and services showing trends, travel patterns, duration, trip distance and vehicle miles traveled.

To take INRIX IQ for a test drive, sign up for a free trial:

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