PARK(ing) Day–that September day when on-street parking spaces around the world are transformed into picnic areas, yoga studios, tiny parks, art exhibitions, and anything else that might fit. Who would have ever guessed we’d use what we learned from that annual celebration to help fight a global pandemic?

In this month’s issue of Parking & Mobility, we take a look at how PARK(ing) Day has helped us prepare for a time we didn’t even know was coming; as restaurants and other businesses expand into parking spaces, what we’ve learned from other transformations has taught us a few valuable lessons–and our cities are benefiting.

From actual usable space to safety considerations to regulations to financials, it’s a great look into how a fun, annual celebration is serving us well in a whole new way–and where it might all be headed. Download and share with city officials, restaurant and business owners, and others looking to help socially distance with the help of parking. Get your copy here.