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Alan Lazowski, Chairman and CEO of LAZ Parking announced today, LAZ PreScreen, a new venture in partnership with three industry leaders.  LAZ PreScreen will help safely and efficiently re-open their facilities while protecting customers, clients and employees from the continued threat of COVID-19.

Based on guidance from expert medical advisor, US Healthy Work, LAZ retained Parsons Corporation (NYSE: PSN), a leading disruptive technology provider, and Vizsafe, Inc., a leading provider of software and incident reporting, mapping and visual communications services.  The partnership with LAZ marks the first time Parsons’ DetectWise™ solution has been deployed in a commercial setting.

“As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, screening for potential risks is critical to safely reopening the economy,” said Alan Lazowski, Chairman and CEO of LAZ Parking. “The health and safety of our customers, clients and employees across our 3,100 locations and 423 cities is, and always will be, our highest priority.  By partnering with Parsons and Vizsafe, we are able to provide best-in-class capabilities to meet our immediate needs, while developing a sustainable program to strengthen health, safety and security across all of our sites.”

Parsons developed the DetectWise suite of solutions in May 2020 to help society reopen while protecting the health, safety and security of global citizens. The solution being used with LAZ is powered by Vizsafe’s patented Geoaware® technology platform and screening kiosks, which address the critical health, safety and security issues presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.  DetectWise is an integrated, touchless offering that monitors real-time health symptoms and facilitate the safe movement of people in public areas.  The touchless kiosks and biometric screeners assess health indicators of individuals to minimize the risk of disease spread and maximize safety and can easily be installed in any high-traffic area.

“Transitioning to the new normal requires a collective partnership, collaboration and innovation that’s been embodied in this screening program,” said Carey Smith, President and Chief Operating Officer of Parsons.  “Partnering with LAZ Parking and Vizsafe to further enhance our DetectWise suite of solutions will contribute to the health and peace of mind of employees returning to the office and help the world open quickly, but safely.”

Vizsafe provides the most powerful and comprehensive solutions available to immediately assist organizations in their plans to re-open after the global lockdown, added Peter Mottur, President and CEO of Vizsafe.  “We are honored to support both Parsons Corporation and LAZ Parking, two of the country’s largest companies working on the front line to help America get back to work.”

Guidance from US Healthy Work is based on the most up-to-date medical and science-based recommendations.  US Healthy Work is headed by Dr. David Shulkin and Dr. Michael Jaff.  Shulkin is the former Undersecretary for Health in the Department of Veterans Affairs under the Obama Administration, and Secretary of Veterans Affairs under the Trump Administration.  Jaff is former President and CEO of Newton-Wellesley Hospital, and current Chief Medical Officer at a global medical device company.

“Employers must work with medical and public health experts in implementing their strategies to re-open their businesses,” Shulkin said.

“Protecting the workforce, customers and employers requires the ability to integrate good screening protocols, technology and expert medical input,” added Jaff, “We are pleased to be working with organizations that are committed to getting businesses back open safely.”

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