July 6, 2020

At Arrive, we’ve been working for over a decade to make parking with your phone easy and fast, whether planning ahead with a reservation or driving up and paying on site. The safety and convenience of a quick, touchless payment has never been more important for consumers as they begin to return to their pre-COVID routines.

We’re proud to announce our newest feature – Tap to Pay Parking – now available to parking facilities and operators across North America. This simple-to-use feature allows consumers with a mobile phone that supports Apple Pay or Google Pay to simply tap a sign, authorize payment and park seamlessly without downloading an app or touching any tickets, buttons and payment machines. We recently launched Tap to Pay Parking with the City of Las Vegas and will be expanding to other cities and operator groups in the coming months.

And – we are delighted to share that we are planning to leverage Apple’s new App Clips feature coming later this year in iOS 14. This new technology will make Tap to Pay Parking even better, as customers will get the benefit of a beautiful, native iPhone experience without needing the full ParkWhiz or Best Parking app. A similar feature is being built for Google Android users as well.

We will continue to iterate with our partners at Apple and Google, we’re excited to find more uses for App Clips together and will continue to keep you updated on new features.

This capability is a significant step on our journey to enable simple, mobile payments in the parking industry. If you would like to learn more about how we can bring simple payment solutions to your garages, lots, and/or on-street meters that will support Tap to Pay Parking please reach out to sellers@arrive.com or ttucker@arrive.com for faster service.