Mountain Top, PA (October 2019) – The SteelWeave™ Metal Mesh Grille by CornellCookson is an innovative closure solution that combines the style and design of architectural metal fabric with the functionality and safety of traditional rolling grilles. The result not only enhances building design, but also provides unmatched security. Now with five varieties of woven mesh available, the product’s elegance has attracted a host of new customers to CornellCookson.

SteelWeave™ Metal Mesh Grille is specifically designed for use in storefronts, malls, bars, restaurants and other commercial spaces that require aesthetically pleasing security solutions. The product can also be installed as a room or space divider. Based on these uses, CornellCookson designers and engineers determined a pattern of installations and worked to develop three specific models to meet a variety of facility needs. The models are:

Aesthetic Reveal – Created for high-end retail and hospitality spaces where aesthetics are a priority, Aesthetic Reveal (EAG10V) puts the SteelWeave™ Metal Mesh Grille on full display. Stainless steel guides, bottom bar and tube motor hood provide a coordinated look with added durability and cleanability. Available in Tigris, Lago, Sambesi and two varieties of Helix weave, each grille provides a unique design that mimics the texture and appearance of fabric.

Aesthetic Conceal – Featuring a finished look that hides the perimeter of the grille, Aesthetic Conceal (EAG10C) includes an aluminum-finished guide and externally-mounted motor. With no motor cover or hood, it’s embedded in the ceiling, blending with the surrounding architecture and building materials. When extended, the grille features the same aesthetically superior design as other models, along with the added security and protection architects, designers and facility managers have come to expect from CornellCookson.

Service Model – Unwanted guests can ruin a party, especially when they have four legs and whiskers. That’s why CornellCookson developed a special Service Model (EAG10S) of the SteelWeave™ Metal Mesh Grille. Featuring a weave tight enough to keep out small trespassers, but large enough to allow for airflow and ventilation, this model is ideal for trash rooms, storage spaces and loading docks. Aluminum-finished guide and bottom bars maintain a cohesive look, despite its very utilitarian purpose.

“This trio of specialty products is a testament to CornellCookson’s commitment to supporting designers, architects and facility managers around the country,” explained Siva Davuluri, vice president of marketing, CornellCookson. “Each offers a unique combination of performance and aesthetic attributes that will help address some of the biggest needs of our customers,” he added.

Design in Action

Some of these innovative designs are already installed in commercial facilities around the country. Fox Theatres, a family-owned chain of cineplexes in Pennsylvania and Maryland, was one of the first adopters. In response to shifting consumer demand, owner Donald Fox began outfitting his theaters with full kitchens and cocktail bars. This gave moviegoers a place to enjoy a drink, dine and relax throughout their movie experience. However, they also needed a way to secure these spaces when not in use.

“The SteelWeave™ Metal Mesh Grille was the solution to meet all of our needs,” said Fox. “It complemented the design of the bar and lobby and integrated seamlessly – we couldn’t be happier.” The function and beauty of the grille led Fox to select the same material for a custom sliding panel made to separate the bar area from the ticket counter, adding a cohesive look.

Unmatched Security and Customizability

Featuring a durable type 316 stainless steel curtain, SteelWeave Metal Mesh Grille provides unparalleled protection while still allowing visibility, even in the most corrosive environments. Optional security features include a locking mechanism, remote monitoring and control via a central master panel.

The SteelWeave Metal Mesh Grille is also extremely customizable. With two standard curtain designs (Lago and Tigris) and three special order curtain designs, specifiers have a full roster of designs to select. In addition to the five curtain designs, CornellCookson offers etching on Lagos which will allow companies to display logos, branding and other designs as applicable.

About CornellCookson

CornellCookson, a division of Clopay Corporation, is a leading rolling door and grille manufacturer with facilities in Goodyear, Arizona and Mountain Top, Pennsylvania. With history reaching back to 1828, CornellCookson product solutions can be found in stadiums, distribution facilities, hospitals, hotels and museums, as well as a variety of other facilities where reliability, security and life safety is vital. CornellCookson products are available through a worldwide network of more than 700 professional dealers. For more information, please visit