Vancouver, WA (September 10, 2019) – Pacific Cascade Corporation (PCC) and Midwest Parking & Facility Products (MWP) have had a long term collaborative and business relationship since MWP opened.

Steve Vincelli established MWP in 1991.  Prior to that, Vincelli worked for a property management company in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he oversaw the operations for several parking facilities.  Early on he learned of a ramp accident where a gate arm had smashed onto the top of a car.  The lot was required to pay for the expensive repairs.  Steve inquired how often this happens and was surprised to be told quite often.

Vincelli, with his design background, quickly recognized a need for the parking industry, and developed an inexpensive solution.  Steve’s unique fix was to design and exclusively manufacture a pad that is installed on the underside of the gate arms.

PCC has been selling MWP products to their clients since MWP launched in 1991 through the ParkingZone catalogs and now on-line at

“We moved our manufacturing and fulfillment operations to our 25-acre property where my wife and I lived”, said Vincelli, “and after twenty-eight years of business and expanding our product line, it’s time for us to relax”.

“When we finally decided to retire and sell the business, the first person I reached out to was Mark [Curtis], to see if he was interested in purchasing MWP. PCC has been a customer and dealer of my products since the beginning”, declared Vincelli “and Mark has been a great sounding board in developing new products for the parking industry”.

Mark Curtis, CEO of PCC and, said, “Midwest Parking & Facility Products represents an opportunity for our team to invest in a parking product brand that possesses a long established reputation for quality, innovation, and safety, within the parking and traffic supplies marketplace. We are very impressed with owner Steve Vincelli for his support and professionalism during this purchase process, we look forward to completing a seamless transition and integration of the existing business partners to drive business growth and further product development”.

MWP started with the development of simple adhesive, moisture resistant, durable polyethylene gate pads.  Soon wall and column pads were added, special sizes and styles pads for specific gate arm designs, LED additions to gate arms for increased visibility, and finally the Door Buddy.

“When PCC developed an exclusive 2.375 inch square extruded PVC Gate Arm, we collaborated to create a unique pad for their new product”, stated Vincelli, “and in working together, we came up with a solution incorporating durable crossed linked polyethylene that is closed cell moisture resistant, with a special adhesive backing, and equipped with an ultraviolet inhibitor”.

“In fact, these pads have been so popular and an effective cost-saving pad for our customers, we now ship all of our 10 foot PVC Gate Arms with the pad already installed”, added Curtis.

Mark intends to make very few changes to the company Vincelli built.  The customer service and orders will be handled through PCC’s ParkingZone, but will maintain the current operations.

On the other hand, Steve and his wife have purchased a home on a golf course, and plan to enjoy life at a slower pace and . . . golf.


Mark A. Curtis
President and CEO
Pacific Cascade Corporation
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Steve Vincelli
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