By Kim A. Spagnulo

Let’s face the facts: There is a lot more to the parking industry than just pulling into a garage or valeting your car for a few hours. In an industry advertising cement parking structures and wide-open surface lots, we’re tasked with the challenge of making that look exciting. We have to think outside of the box and show that cement and pavement can sparkle!

Social media is our opportunity to stand out and show how our company and its employees are what bring that sparkle forward every day. At LAZ Parking, we believe in showcasing our people, our culture, and our excellence in service delivery.

Developing a social media strategy is the first step to ensuring your company is tackling its goals. Are you going to focus on sharing more content, increasing brand awareness, using social media as a recruiting tool, or all the above? Start small and don’t think you’re going to go viral overnight. It takes time to cultivate and nurture an engaged social media community. You have to actively engage with your audience to show your followers that you aren’t just posting content, but that you actually care about what they have to say too.

Consistency is key! Your strategy should include a content calendar that is planned out at least a month in advance. Then, as new content becomes available, you can weave it into your existing calendar. Look for content that will encourage your audience to engage with your posts, with the ultimate goal of them sharing it on their own pages.

With a strong social media strategy your organization is well on its way to being a social media hot rod in the parking industry!

Kim A. Spagnulo is director, branding and creative services with LAZ Parking.