October 15, 2018

European online parking reservation leader, ParkCloud, has today announced a contract renewal with Italian high-speed rail network, Italo, following a successful first year in partnership.

The renewal is a nod to ParkCloud’s ongoing commitment to growing its extensive car park coverage across the Italian market, as well as maintaining booking growth across the 25 rail stations Italo covers.

Affiliated exclusively through the Italotreno Parking white label, customers can benefit from the convenience of browsing and comparing features online before booking their parking reservation alongside their travel.

Francesco Fiore, Chief of Quality & Industrial Product Development at Italo, commented: “We wanted to give our passengers more flexibility to pre-plan different elements of their journey, and the wide offering of car park coverage ParkCloud has across the Italian rail market has given us the means to do just that.

“Italo’s service centres on a comfortable, convenient travel experience and presenting passengers with the option to reserve their station parking online complements this well.”

Working collectively over the contract period with the Italo team, ParkCloud has ensured a streamlined, fast and efficient booking process for passengers, to dovetail with Italo’s four levels of ‘journey ambiences’ – smart, comfort, prima and club executive, as they travel between its well connected lines.

ParkCloud’s Brand Partnership Manager, Nicola Pilling, said: “The white label platform offers Italo passengers a more succinct travel itinerary, complete with various touchpoints and language options, allowing for a more enjoyable overall journey.

“Behind the scenes, it’s important that our brand partners feel we strengthen the services they offer and add real value to customers, which is why we’re thrilled to be continuing our collaboration with Italo.”

Servicing over 20 cities across Italy, Italo’s routes cover popular visitor destinations such as Rome, Milan, Venice and Florence.

To find out more, please visit www.parkcloud.com.