By Kim Fernandez

We adopted a puppy from a shelter this summer and she is into absolutely everything. If it’s true that puppies learn by putting things in their mouths, this little one’s going to be a genius. (I am not making this up: As I typed that sentence, the mail plopped through our front-door slot and she snatched and shredded a catalog.) She doesn’t weigh much so she makes no noise when she walks and she’s stealth as an international spy, so her adoption has forced some large-scale cleaning and organizing around here; closing doors has become a reflex. We’re also getting a ton of exercise trying to wear her sweet little self out.

It reminds me of the feeling you have after a really fantastic course or conference: You’re energized, you’re motivated, and you’re quick to take action to reach goals. My motivation is to avoid having my stuff destroyed so it’s a bit different, but you get the gist. In the end, I’m working in a more organized environment and at a faster pace, and ultimately getting more done as a result. Those are very good things.

If you want some slightly-bitey puppy love or to drop a few pounds chasing shoes, phone chargers, or the mail around, please stop by. In the meantime, I’d love to know: What motivates you to really get moving?

Kim Fernandez is IPI’s director of publications and editor of The Parking Professional.