By Vanessa R. Cummings

Parking professionals know that parking is a 24/7 job. There are people parking all the time and we never know when we will get an after-hours call to handle a situation. When do we take time to plug in our rechargeable batteries and refuel our tanks?

Outside of parking, we have families, church and volunteer activities, sports outings, dates, and perhaps another job. We may be taking care of children or older parents and striving to be everything to everybody. What do we do to keep our meters from running out before we have time to put some coins back in to keep us running?

Remember, if you’re not okay, you can’t serve others. The airlines say it well: In the event there is a change in cabin pressure, the oxygen mask will drop. If you are helping someone else, place the mask on yourself first. Why? Because if you aren’t breathing, you can’t help someone else.

Re-charging ourselves, like cars, comes in different forms:

  • Empty gas tank. Take a walk, jog, bike ride, go to church, visit a park or beach to reflect.
  • Re-alignment. Yoga, stretching, soaking in a hot tub, a chiropractic visit.
  • Balancing the tires. A relaxing or deep-tissue massage and some quiet time.
  • Tune-up. A weekend away disconnected from work (no calls or emails).
  • Engine or transmission failure. A vacation with NO work connections. Time for you to truly relax and save your life.

It’s time for us to have our vehicles (bodies) checked. If you haven’t seen a doctor in awhile, schedule a checkup. If you are not exercising, take a few extra steps daily, stand during calls and short meetings, park farther away, take the stairs, get an exercise partner. Remember, if you are starting a new exercise regimen, check with your doctor first. Most importantly, listen to your body and when something isn’t right, check it out.

Have a blessed and relaxing day! See the good in something every day, keep a positive outlook, and give thanks! You are worth it!

Vanessa R. Cummings is founder of Ms. V Consulting, LLC.