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Brand Yo’Self

By Madison Huemmer

The first step in personal branding is to identify what presence you want to exude. Many people do not realize that your personal world and professional world world differ–but not as much as you think. If you fully cut off your true persona from your work life, you will come across as disingenuous. So for professionals it is about finding the right mix.

An exercise I use at all my presentations is to write down the top three characteristics you embody. For example, I perceive myself as confident, intelligent, and blunt. Next, ask a trusted colleague to asses you as well. The words I get most often are confident, dorky, honest, and talkative.

See how their perception matches up with your self-assessment and bring them with you to IPMI’s Leadership Summit! We will discuss how to make small changes to help you come across as genuine and professional, during first and continued impressions.

If you want an extra challenge I suggest asking a newer coworker as well–if they are comfortable. See how your first impressions match up with your lasting ones. Are they similar? Do you come of better earlier or later? Does your first impression need improvement? Are you portraying your authentic self?

Madison Huemmer is iParq’s EVP of sales and marketing. She will speak on this topic at IPMI’s 2019 Leadership Summit, Oct. 3-4 in Pittsburgh, Pa.