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Member News: Associated Time Becomes An Official Parker Technology Dealer

Parker Technology logoMay 14, 2020 – Parker Technology today announced a new dealer partnership with Associated Time Instruments, out of Dallas, TX. The relationship will involve collaborative sales and marketing efforts to incorporate Parker’s customer service offering as a value-added differentiator to Associated Time’s parking installation projects.

“We are thrilled to partner with Parker Technology. The addition of their two-way video communication will truly enhance the customer experience for our end users. Parker’s customer service and response times are second to none in the industry and we are excited to offer our customers this state of the art solution.” Says Christopher Archer, President of Associated Time Instruments.

Brian Wolff, President & CEO of Parker Technology added “Chris and his team at Associated Time have built an impressive business and we are thrilled to formalize our partnership with this agreement. Equally as exciting is the progress we’re making by building important integrations with the TIBA equipment that Associated Time represents. We expect the combination of our joint sales and marketing efforts and technology advancements to create significant benefits for Associated Time’s customers.”

Data suggests that the challenge for parking operators is not to make machines or technology more reliable. The fact is that over 85% of the time, a human is confused or has failed in some other way, and the only way to save that customer experience is with a patient, well trained, knowledgeable human being. That is exactly what Parker did over a million times last year.


About Associated Time

Associated Time Instruments is a leading supplier of Parking and Revenue Control Equipment, Access Control, Parking Guidance Systems, and Workforce Management Systems Our company is a leader in all of our markets, we distinguish ourselves by providing superior products, expert consulting and engineering, quality installations, comprehensive support, and professional services. Associated Time Instruments provides both standard software products and custom software solutions, we have consistently provided modern and effective solutions to our customers during the past 60 years!


About Parker Technology

Parker Technology is a fast-growth tech-led software and services company that provides parking facilities with a premium customer experience, by helping resolve issues for parking guests when they fail in the face of automated payment kiosks. Parker’s patient, well-informed customer service specialists answer and resolve intercom “help” calls 24/7, and boasts being the only company in the parking industry that can deliver this service with face-to-face, two-way video communication. Putting this personal, human touch back into an automated situation enhances the customer experience, improves operational efficiencies and increases successful payments and outcomes. Learn more at www.helpmeparker.com