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Member News: LAZ Parking Implements measures in reaction to impact of COVID-19

Establishes Employee Relief Fund to Support Temporarily Displaced Employees

Hartford, CT – Alan Lazowski, Chief Executive Officer of LAZ Parking, underscored his company’s commitment today to protecting customers, clients and employees impacted by the evolving threat of COVID-19, or Coronavirus.

In a separate letter, Lazowski assured employees that the LAZ senior leadership response team is monitoring the unfolding situation, tracking developments, and taking all recommended measures to keep everyone safe.

“The health and safety of our customers, clients, and employees across our 3,100 locations and 423 cities is, and always will be, our highest priority,” Lazowski said. “As this situation continues to unfold, we will closely monitor and take guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as state and local health officials around the country.”

LAZ is also responding to the significant downturn across all aspects of the economy impacting  the industries that LAZ serves, including stadiums, entertainment venues, restaurants, office buildings, hotels, airports, and universities. During these unprecedented times LAZ and its dedicated team of leaders throughout the nation are working tirelessly 24/7 to protect as many jobs as they can and the long-term future of the company.

LAZ has also notified its employees that a percentage of its workforce will be temporarily reduced at this time with the intention of being rehired once the crisis subsides and business rebounds.

“It is going to take difficult sacrifices and federal government intervention to bridge the financial gap created by this pandemic and help our nation’s workforce receive higher unemployment benefits during this crisis,” added Lazowski. “We have been and will continue to be in contact with the highest levels in government in order to advocate for our people, our company and members of the entire parking industry. We are asking that the federal government provide relief to the parking industry and our temporarily reduced workforce and pay as close to 100% of employees’ wages during the layoff period. We are optimistic that the federal government will do the right thing.”

LAZ’ founding partners will not take any pay for at least the next 90 days and have established a $1,000,000 Employee Relief Fund, where furloughed team members can apply for financial grants.  There will be no expectation of grant repayment and the money.

Since 1981, LAZ has navigated many business challenges in times of extreme volatility. The company wants to assure the public that the Spirit of LAZ, rooted in its “Never Ever Give Up” attitude, has never been stronger!


About LAZ Parking

LAZ Parking founded in Hartford, CT in 1981, is one of the largest and fastest-growing parking companies in the United States, operating over 1.2 million parking spaces across the country in over 3,155 locations in 35 states and 423 cities. With over 38 years of experience providing parking management, transportation and mobility services, LAZ works seamlessly across a variety of market segments, including hospitality and valet, office buildings, medical, airport and transportation, campus, government and municipal, retail, events, residential building and shuttle services. Additional information can be found at www.lazparking.com.

The Parking Professional: MOBILITY & TECH

Using Digital Signage to Optimize Occupancy and Communicate Rates

By Meghan O’Brien

REGARDLESS OF THE TYPE OF FACILITY YOU OWN OR OPERATE, parking rates are deter­mined and approved through private and local regulations. Although it seems like this might inhibit you from capitalizing on varying occupancy volumes at your garage, the opposite is true. By analyz­ing historical data for a parking facility and adopting a yield management approach, you are able to optimize its use and revenue.

Dynamic pricing has experienced growing global popularity in the parking world. One company found success implementing this methodology at a venue in Boston, where parking needs vary drastically de­pending on the type of parker and time of day.
LAZ Parking is one of the largest parking com­panies in the U.S., growing loyalty through a com­mitment to both its clients and employees. But with several options for parking near TD Garden, a multi-purpose arena in Boston, Mass., LAZ looked for a way to stand out among its competitors and attract additional customers, particularly during off-peak hours. While the parking venue did not struggle to at­tract parkers during games or concerts, the company decided on a strategy to conveniently and quickly change rates to increase the parking potential during less popular times without constantly reprinting windmasters and other static signage.

Automation in Play

In the hopes of improving communication with cus­tomers at this particular facility, LAZ was willing to test the benefits of a new technology. It partnered with Infotraffic to provide a solution that allowed changing rates to be programmed and displayed, putting dynamic pricing to work in a way that would be clear to customers.

LAZ programmed various parking rates using the system’s online rate calendar and management platform, which were then displayed at the entrance of the lot on a digital sign. Instead of reprinting and switching out a limited number of windmasters to display rates, the system lets managers automate, program, and display rates in real time, flexing with the market, local events, demand, and other factors. The new system was connected with the existing PARCS for a streamlined experience and also pro­vides a library of customizable digital content for an enhanced customer experience, including advertis­ing, holiday messaging, directional information for drivers, and event announcements.

“I’m very proud of this lot, and we’ve done a lot of improvements to it,” says Todd Gilbert, LAZ Parking manager. “The system is a great tool, and the sign certainly heightens the awareness and gives it some brightness. The team has been great about building rate grids for the sign, and we’ve seen a 4 percent increase in revenue since last year.”
There are great reasons dynamic pricing has tak­en off, particularly in cities and urban environments with varying parking needs depending on time of day, day of week, and what’s going on nearby. This case study illustrates the importance of both considering dynamic pricing and ensuring an effective, well-thought-out system is in place ahead of time to make it work.

Read the article here.

MEGHAN O’BRIEN is business development manager with Infotraffic and a member of IPMI’s Parking Research Committee. She can be reached at mobrien@infotraffic.com
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