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Thirty-two Hours in the World’s Self-Driving Car Capital

What will the world and its communities be like when autonomous vehicles rule the roads? Wired sent a reporter to Chandler, Ariz., where Waymo is large-scale testing on real streets, to find out.

The first surprise was how engaged the fire department is in the testing. Would Waymo’s cars run over hoses in the street? Would they hear sirens behind them and pull over? And how does an emergency crew rescue a passenger trapped in a car with no driver?

Other questions: Who gets the ticket if the car performs an illegal maneuver–the car or the safety driver? What happens when a regular car parks in a space reserved for self-driving vehicles (it’s already happening in Chandler)? And what does it really meant to road safety when autonomous vehicles start mixing with human-driven cars?

It’s an interesting read. Check it out here and let us know in the comments–what do you think will happen when self-driving cars come to your town?