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University Offers Free Bike Valet Parking, Lights, on Game Days

To promote alternative transportation on football game days, the University of Arkansas offers free bike valet parking at its stadium. And to ensure bikers get home safely after night games, it will give them bike lights, too. Biking fans also get free snacks and drinks–making this all quite a package for those who choose not to drive to games.

Bikers can check in their bikes with valets 90 minutes before kickoff. They’re given tickets that match tickets attached to their bikes, just like a coat check. When the game is over, they have an hour to present their tickets at the check area to retrieve their two-wheelers.

The program is offered by the university office of sustainability and VeoRide bike-sharing. Read the whole story here. Does your university offer a similar program? We’d love to hear about it–email editor@parking-mobility.org.