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Stand Strong Even if You Stand Alone

person standing with shadow of strong personBy Tope Longe

The world has been rocked by unprecedented occurrence. The norm, as we know it, faltered. Many have been thrown into incomprehensible situations. Many more are likely to be.

Change in status quo. Transition too!

Transition is “the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.” Being in transition can be likened to a temporary existence in a place with the potential to propel to a bigger and better state or place. The adverse could also be the case. In a period of upheaval, such as the one in which we currently live, many are in transition. Many more will end up in transition. The comforting point to note is that transition doesn’t limit ability. It doesn’t reduce knowledge. It allows for growth and development through effective management and utilization of resources and skills at one’s disposal. The key is in the management of the situation.

Transition is no different from change. While no change is vastly preferable by many, change is inevitable; likewise transition. The success is in the management.

We are more adaptable than we perceive. Every being, every individual has the ability to manage change and progress to a new playing field. Yes, there’ll be nervous streaks—they come with the territory of stepping out of the known to the unknown. The immediate human reaction is to resist, especially when the change is done to us. But in today’s world, responsiveness to change is key. Change management is key to survival. How do we respond to the melting iceberg?

Tope Longe is a management consultant (in transition).


Frontline Fridays: How to Succeed in a Changing Workplace (Three-part Series) – Session 2: Identifying the Phases of Change- June 19, 2020

How to Succeed in a Changing Workplace (Three Part Series) 

Session 2: Identifying the Phases of Change

Review the three phases of change and steps to effectively implement change.

Instructor: Kim Jackson, CAPP

Limited to 25 registrants.

$30 per attendee, or $75 for any three Frontline Friday sessions.