Illuminating Ideas: The Right Parking Garage Lighting Can Enhance Customers’ Visual Acuity and Comfort


By Mike Riebling


A poorly lit parking lot may be the perfect backdrop for a thriller or scary movie scene. But for a parking administrator? It’s your worst nightmare!

Transitioning to LED lighting, though, can help you achieve the right amount of illumination in the right places in your garage. This is key to creating a sense of comfort and security for customers as well as enhancing drivers’ visual acuity when using your parking facility.

Few things impair a driver’s vision more than bright, harsh hot spots. When contrasted with dimmer areas in your garage, it can cause drivers to shift their eyes from where they should be. LED luminaires, as opposed to conventional light sources, offer smoother, more uniform illumination and are more directional by design –putting light right where you need it.

As many of us can attest, searching for parking can be overwhelming and distracting. Drivers must keep an eye out for a vacant spot, while navigating congested areas and watching out for pedestrians. LED lighting casts more horizontal light across a wider surface area, allowing drivers to see open spaces and on-floor directional signage easily. It also improves vertical illumination to help drivers identify oncoming pedestrians and see garage structures, like columns, elevators and stairs, more clearly – and ultimately leaving them feeling more in control of their parking experience.

All in all, a well-lit garage using LED lighting can help prevent accidents and lower the risk of property damage, as well as create a sense of comfort for drivers and pedestrians alike

Mike Riebling is Product Manager Garage & Canopy, Floodlights and Sports for Gardco by Signify. He can be reached at