Technology Is the Friend of the Modern Day Workforce


By Scott A. Petri

The fears of being replaced by a machine have haunted the workforce so much so that movies feature the rise of machines against mankind.  According toThe Great Resignation Why Gen Z is Leaving the Workforce in Droves… And What To Do About It”  by Dr. Jason Wingard and published in Forbes, the current workforce has a different perspective.  It is reported that half the workforce is either seeking new jobs or keeping their eyes open to employment opportunities that give workers a sense of purpose.

The article provides recommendations to combat the urge to leave within the workforce:

  1. Prioritize passion and purpose. It is about why we work.
  2. Banish busy work. Survey reported 1/3 feeling work was mundane and routine.
  3. 9-5 workday. 61 % of those surveyed want more control over their schedule.

Items 1 and 2 can be dramatically improved in the parking world through the implementation of new technology that automates those routine and mundane processes that have been part of our culture for decades. Doing things as we always did is not inspiring. Replacing tasks with critical thinking is absolutely necessary to retain talent. Many employees have not returned and will likely never return. How will those functions be fulfilled? Answer – through new technology and replacing lower level tasks with technology.

It’s hard to move away from traditional management styles. Most parking operators, private and public, have been largely top-down driven organizations. Following the chain of command is deeply engrained.  According to “Millennial and Generation Z’s Perspective on Leadership Effectiveness” by M. Jake Aguas, Regent University, for Millennial and Gen Z employees effective leadership is through a servant heart: leading by example, results-driven, team orientated, and with emotional intelligence.

The good news is that new technologies are in the wheelhouse of Gen Z and Millennial employees, for whom data science is of great interest.  The adoption of technology to replace the routine tasks of the parking industry will be well received (and good for the bottom line) by employees who want to be part of a team that is solving problems – congestion, pollution, lack of productivity, consumer inconvenience of antiquated processes and systems, last mile issues, and mobility.

So what are your suggestions for areas of your operation most in need of streamlining functions and elimination of mundane processes? What successes have you have had from implementation of new technology?

Scott Petri is a Principal with ParkTrans Solutions, LLC. He can be reached at