Colorado Parking About To Get Smarter


Parking is about to get a whole lot easier for drivers in several Colorado cities after Australian-founded smart parking company, Spot Parking, wins the Colorado Smart City Alliance challenge and implements their smart parking solution. 

Spot Parking CEO Elizabeth Zealand said it is refreshing to see Colorado cities welcoming opportunities for innovation and new technologies.

“Drivers – even locals – don’t know how to easily find the best place to park and that’s where our technology comes in,” said Ms. Zealand.

“Our technology interprets complex parking rules and regulations and presents the information in a user-friendly and easy-to-understand visual parking map, allowing drivers the opportunity to see where parking spots are available, when, and for how long,” she said.

“In a nutshell, drivers can be guided to the best parking spot suited for them – all via the map on their phone, before they leave for the day.”

Ms. Zealand said city parking and transportation directors also reap the benefits from the new technology.

“City parking directors can update important parking and transit information instantly to better communicate with drivers. And cities are getting insight into just how the curb is being used for better planning” she said.

The smart parking technology is currently being implemented in several areas across the state – Denver’s popular Cherry Creek shopping precinct, Arvada’s famous Olde Town district and in Colorado Springs’ Downtown and Old Colorado City areas. 

Spot Parking is one of several international companies to establish their U.S. headquarters in Denver after completing the Global Denver Landing Pad hosted by the City & County of Denver’s Economic Development and Opportunity (DEDO) agency in partnership with the World Trade Center Denver (WTC). 

“The Global Landing Pad confirmed my decision to choose Denver as our global headquarters. I have not seen a city where the government, business, academia and community are so consistent in their message and support to attract businesses,” said Ms. Zealand.

Spot Parking will also be taking part in next week’s Smart Cities Week 2022 in Denver, with their Director of Operations James Waddell leading a panel discussion about the importance of ‘Innovative Curb spaces’ in cities.

“If you’re not digitizing your city’s curbsides, you’re missing out on vital parking, mobility and transportation intelligence,” said Mr. Waddell.

“Cities like Denver, Arvada and Colorado Springs are revolutionizing the future of mobility for commuters, as now people can easily see when and where they can park thanks to Spot Parking’s technology. We are very excited to be a part of this,” he said.

Spot Parking was announced a recent winner of the Global Revive! Challenge by the Colorado Smart City Alliance, which sought innovative solutions to address active transportation issues for the cities of Colorado.

Check out the Parking Finders here for Denver, Arvada and (coming soon) Colorado Springs.

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