The Nominating Committee of the International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI) is pleased to announce the annual Call for Nominations for individuals interested in serving as members of the IPMI Board of Directors.

The Role of the IPMI Board of Directors

The IPMI Board of Directors sets strategic priorities for the organization, provides guidance on industry-specific projects, and offers direction on education, membership, outreach, allied partnerships, research, and the annual IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo, in addition to other responsibilities. Board members may be tasked to serve as co-chairs or volunteers for IPMI committees, task forces, and/or other initiatives, partnerships, and projects.

 2024 Election and Open Positions

There are FIVE open seats on the IPMI Board of Directors for a two-year term beginning June 2024.

  • FOUR seats will be elected from the general membership segments.
  • ONE seat is reserved for a single board member representing one of these three segments: supplier, consultant, or commercial operator. The nominee from these segments who receives the most votes from the general membership will be elected.

Board of Directors Responsibilities and Commitments

If nominated, approved, and elected to the Board, candidates agree:

  • To maintain IPMI organizational membership in good standing.
  • To participate in up to two in-person Board meetings annually.
  • To participate in quarterly virtual meetings.
  • To fund annual attendance to the in-person meeting at the IPMI Conference & Expo.
  • To adhere to the IPMI Board of Directors Bylaws and confidentiality, anti-trust, and Board policies.
  • That elected Board members may not serve on another parking, transportation, or mobility industry board in a voting capacity, including allied organizations, state and regional association, or other related professional or industry organizations.
  • That elected Board members be elected and re-elected for three consecutive terms (six years). If this Board member is not voted in as Chair-elect, at the end of six years, the Board member must leave the Board. After a two-year period of not serving on the Board, eligible candidates are permitted to seek nominations once again to the Board.

Eligibility Criteria for IPMI Board Candidates

To prepare for strategic role required of a Board member, one or more of the following criteria determine each candidate’s eligibility*:

  1. Served as chair or co-chair of an IPMI committee or task force.
  2. Served on the CAPP Certification Board or Accredited Parking Organization (APO) Board.
  3. Held an executive leadership role (officer) in a state or regional parking association.
  4. Contributed as an IPMI volunteer consistently for at least a two-year period.

*Upon review, the Nominating Committee may grant an exception to eligibility requirements as evidenced by professional experience and/or industry involvement.

 Submission Requirements for IPMI Board of Directors Candidates

Interested members must submit the following via this link by February 7, 2024:

  1. Contact information.
  2. Narrative demonstrating candidate’s eligibility for Board service of 150 words or less.
  3. Professional headshot (original image file .jpg or .tif of at least 300 dpi or 1 MB).
  4. Brief biography of 150 words or less.
  5. Election platform of 100 words or less summarizing approach and objectives for Board service.

Nominating Committee and Slate Approval

The Nominating Committee will review submissions and recommend a slate of eligible nominees to the IPMI Board of Directors. After the Board approves the slate of nominees, the selected candidates will be notified and provided details on the election schedule, process, and rules.

If you have any questions, please email

Thank you for advancing the parking, transportation, and mobility profession!