ParkEngage Introduces Online Reservations to Suite of Touchless Parking Services

ParkEngage recently introduced its new Online Reservations service. This development is designed to enable parking facility owners and operators to provide their regular and prospective patrons the opportunity to make online reservations to park in any of their parking facilities.

As a complement to the ParkEngage suite of touchless parking services, this will enhance the user parking experience by integrating with each operator’s real-time inventory across their parking portfolio. Further, it will allow the operator to remotely manage pricing, incorporate targeted promotions, and much more.

The ParkEngage Online Reservations service allows parking facility owners and operators to serve their customers more effectively, while helping to increase revenues, attract new customers, and remotely manage the parking inventory available in their mobile apps. The service also includes the opportunity to attract new or previous customers with targeted marketing campaigns or touchless parking promotions.

Through a central platform, this solution can specify pricing structure in the pricing engine, implement dynamic pricing based on availability, and integrate with your real-time inventory to maximize sales.

ParkEngage can integrate this solution through the operator’s existing website or mobile app.

The ParkEngage online reservations platform provides owners and operators with a number of benefits to enhance their operation and attract consistent customers, including:

  • Effectively manage real-time pricing and availability.
  • Enhance customer loyalty.
  • Maximize parking revenues.
  • Create a seamless experience for customers.
  • Reduce potential headaches and offer peace of mine.
  • Accept multiple payment options.

ParkEngage is committed to continuing to provide parking owners and operators with the innovative touchless parking tools and resources to streamline their internal operations, while creating the best experience possible for their customers. ParkEngage Online Reservations is the perfect complement to our touchless parking services.

About ParkEngage

 ParkEngage is the leading cloud-based digital platform for the parking industry. ParkEngage services seek to enhance parker engagement, generate new revenue streams for parking operators, and create a touchless parking experience. They also help to boosts parking operational efficiencies, reducing the dependence on labor, while providing end-to-end touchless parking systems for self- and valet parking facilities. ParkEngage services also include a 360-degree customer relationship management system, mobile valet system, permit parking system, and parking inventory and multi-channel management system.

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