Delta, the New Parker Technology Software Platform is Here

 Indianapolis, IN — Delta, the new Parker Technology software platform, is here. With this major software update, the platform is faster, more stable and extensible to more parking software platforms through APIs.

Delta’s new and fully-scalable architecture takes advantage of all attributes of a cloud-based software platform. It is a launching off point for Parker Technology to add value for its customers, by connecting in new and improved ways to PARCS equipment and mobile applications.

“Delta gives us a solid foundation to scale from. We are excited that the new platform sets the stage for the efficient build and deployment of feature functionality and further performance enhancements,” said Tammy Baker, VP of Client Experience.

As a result, more exciting features are to come, as the company continues to drive innovation into Delta. With this launch, clients are enjoying improved functionality, with faster load times, new search capabilities, call-out functionality to any endpoint and an updated look and feel.

“It’s an exciting time at Parker Technology, with the launch of our fourth-generation platform, which is enabled by the latest cloud-native technology. Our customers will see a steady stream of innovation as we connect our platform to the myriad of technologies important to their operations. We look forward to providing even more value with our service,” said Brian Wolff, President & CEO.

Parking patrons expect to enter and exit garages without interacting with staff, but when they call for help, they want and need it immediately. An intercom call solution can instantly connect parking guests to trained professionals who can guide them through a successful transaction, according to facility business rules. Each year, an estimated 85 million parking intercom calls are made in the U.S. This statistic is from the Parker Technology platform, which records and analyzes call data to help parking operators better manage their facilities.

About Parker Technology

Parker Technology is a software and services company that helps parking facilities provide an excellent customer experience, by resolving issues for parking guests when they fail in the face of automated payment kiosks. Parker’s patient, well-informed virtual ambassadors virtually answer and resolve intercom calls 24/7 and is the only company in the parking industry that can deliver this service with face-to-face, two-way video communication. Putting this personal, human touch back into an automated situation enhances the customer experience, provides metrics to improve operational efficiencies, increases successful payments, and ensures customer service calls are answered. Learn more at

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