You’ve Got to Crunch the Numbers: How Finance and Operations Work Together for Success

Finance and operations experts from Texas A&M University will cover three major departmental initiatives as case studies. The purpose is to show how the financial side of the house works to plan, prepare, and project to have the resources available in the right amount and at the right time. Then the operational side will show how to take those resources and successfully implement, manage, and market the entity’s major initiatives.

  • Identify methods to project and implement a long-term financial plan.
  • Identify best practices in making long-term operational change.
  • Recognize how finance and operations can work together for success.

Available as part of the package of three webinars for $70 or purchase it for $35.


Kenneth Kimball, CAPP, MBA, CPA

Kenneth Kimball, CAPP, MBA, CPA, is Director of Finance and Administration for Transportation Services at Texas A&M University. He received his bachelor’s degree in economics from Texas A&M University and MBA from Texas A&I  University. In 1998, he left public accounting to join the transportation services team. He is Chair of the Council of Senior Business Administrators at Texas A&M. He is a licensed Certified Public Accountant and earned IPMI’s CAPP designation.

Debbie Hoffmann, CAPP, MS

Debbie Hoffmann, CAPP, MS, is Director of Transportation Services at Texas A&M University. She serves on the board for the Center for Transportation Demand Management, IPMI’s Accessible Parking Coalition Advisory Council, and as treasurer for the Red River Chapter of the Association of Commuter Transportation. She earned IPMI’s CAPP designation and a master’s degree from Texas A&M University. Her passion is bringing people together to develop creative, high-functioning solutions.