In 2018, ParkMobile launched the Parking Availability feature in its app, which allows users to see surrounding parking space availability in real time. ParkMobile was the first-to-market with this innovative smart parking feature. Rather than provide it for free, the company decided to make Parking Availability part of its ParkMobile Pro premium membership program; for $0.99 a month, Parkmobile users can upgrade their in-app experience to gain access to discounted transaction fees and special offers on rental cars, roadside assistance, mobile car washes, and more.

The marketing plan surrounding the new feature was aggressive. After the launch of the new feature, the company added a new landing page to the “How It Works” section of its website that explained the available perks, with a special emphasis on the Parking Availability feature. The website also includes a new video explaining the functionality and benefits of Parking Availability.

ParkMobile targeted users with in-app messaging that advertised the new feature to already active Pro users, as well as non-Pro users. Email messages were sent to Pro users, telling them everything they had to look forward to with the launch of the newest feature.
Non-Pro users received emails highlighting the addition of the Parking Availability feature and all the other remaining benefits of Pro. After the in-app messages went live and emails were sent, there was a spike in sign-ups: 848 new sign-ups in one day. ParkMobile continues to reach out to non-Pro users about once a month.

The Parking Availability feature was also promoted to ParkMobile’s 33,000 Twitter followers and 35,000 Facebook followers. The company also conducted an extensive public relations launch, receiving major media mentions from CNET, Digital Trends, and the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

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