Course Description

This introductory course provides attendees with basic concepts related to the delivery of customer service. Topics include the dimensions of customer service, customer acknowledgment, effective communication methods, and techniques that can be used when interacting with difficult customers.

Learning Objectives for Customer Service:

  • Review statistics on how word-of-mouth and social media reports about customer service spread and what that means for your organization and returning customers.
  • Explore how to handle difficult and angry customers in a positive manner, including the importance of nonverbal behaviors.
  • Identify the three dimensions of customer service.
  • Illustrate how the Model of Communication can contribute to a positive customer interaction.
  • Recognize the benefits of active listening, including how to restate, summarize, divide, and clarify the customerā€™s words to facilitate problem solving.
  • Use acknowledgement and positive interactions to deliver good customer service.

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