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Member News: Frictionless Parking Promotes Public Health

Los Angeles, CA (March 30, 2020)—In this uncertain time of pandemic and public health crisis, we must find ways to minimize common touchpoints that could allow the Coronavirus and other viruses to spread more widely. SKIDATA, the leading provider of parking technology, urges parking owners, operators, and business owners with parking assets to look to frictionless parking to protect their staff and patrons, and promote public health.

“Frictionless parking was developed as a driver amenity, to make parking more convenient,” said Chris McKenty, SKIDATA Vice President. “No one foresaw that it could also promote public health, but that’s exactly what it’s doing. Owners and operators who already have frictionless technologies in place should encourage tenants and parking patrons to take advantage of the technology and create user accounts. And those who don’t should look into expanding their current equipment into frictionless technology suites.”

Frictionless parking suites combine several parking technologies, including Parking Access & Revenue Control Systems (PARCS), License Plate Recognition (LPR), and parking guidance technology to provide a completely touch-free parking experience. Parkers register their vehicles online and establish credit card payment credentials. When they drive to a frictionless parking facility, the LPR equipment recognizes the vehicle and permits entry; the parking guidance equipment directs them to an open space, and when they are ready to leave, the LPR again recognizes the vehicle and bills the associated credit card the appropriate fee. Some systems include pre-booking platforms that allow parkers to reserve and pay for parking in advance.

“Promoting public health isn’t just about the Coronavirus,” said McKenty. “Hopefully, this virus will be eradicated soon. But even if it is, we are still subjected to the flu and other viruses every year. The new reality of parking is that we need to eliminate as many common touchpoints as possible, and frictionless parking can be an important part of a parking public health strategy.”


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