Show a Little Respect

By Jennifer Carroll, CAPP

In this post pandemic era, of all the challenges we face in hiring hourly team members to fill all our open positions, have you taken some time to show respect and appreciation for the team members you do have?

In October 2021, 4.2 million people quit their jobs.  We all know it is cheaper and easier to simply keep the people that we do have on staff.  Of course, it is important to be paying what other businesses in the area are paying, but not everyone is motivated by money.

Some free or inexpensive suggestions on how to motivate someone or show your appreciation include:

  • Telling someone you appreciate them.
  • Giving them something as basic as a “Certificate of Appreciation” that can be printed online.
  • Call them when they are working on the holiday and wish them Happy Thanksgiving, or Merry Christmas – tell them you appreciate them working the holiday.
  • Put a stamp on a letter or bill of theirs and mail it for them.
  • Telling someone “great job,” “way to go,” or “you handled that wonderfully.”
  • Having lunch/dinner delivered for your team.
  • Giving someone a special project.
  • Text or email them a virtual pat on the back and tell them why.
  • Simply saying “thank you.”
  • Introduce your team members to the “big wigs” from your company and your clients.

Maybe these things are out of your comfort zone because none of your bosses have done these things for you, and that’s too bad.  It may be hard for you at first to do and say these things but believe me your hourly staff will appreciate it.  Sometimes you can figure out what motivates people, sometimes you can get wild and crazy and simply ask them.

Jennifer Carroll, CAPP is regional vice president – airport division for Reef Parking.