EasyPark Trades Parking Fines for School Supplies

EasyPark, which operates parking in Anchorage, Alaska, is accepting school supplies in lieu of parking fines to help local kids in need. Under the program, drivers can donate 200 #2 pencils or 100 black or blue pens to pay of a $20 parking ticket; one per license plate and the parking citation must have been issued in the past 30 days.

The school supplies will be distributed by Helping Us Give School Supplies (HUGGS), a program of the Lutheran Social Services of Alaska. School supplies for parking citations programs have grown in popularity, both among communities and the media. A similar program in Las Vegas was featured on CNN and in People magazine.

If your parking organization has a donations-for-citations program, we’d love to hear about it. Email editor@parking-mobility.org with the details.