Member News: TIBA Parking Systems Rapidly Deploys and Commissions 15 Lanes of Revenue Control Equipment at Memorial Hermann Property, LLC in 72 Hours

Houston, TX (April 2, 2019)

TIBA Parking, in conjunction with Associated Time and Winpark, recently performed a smooth transition of 15 lanes of revenue control equipment at Memorial Hermann Health
System in less than 72 hours.

Teams from Associated Time and TIBA Parking worked around the clock to reconfigure the lot lane by lane, tearing down old equipment, seven cashier booths, and activating TIBA’s world-class pay on foot machines, and entry, exit, and access only lane equipment. The installation began at 7:00 pm on Friday and all lanes were operational with gates down by
7:00 am that Monday, giving a total installation time of 72 hours.

“During the sales process it was made clear that Memorial Hermann and Winpark wanted to implement the latest technology and have it deployed quickly and accurately,” said Chris Archer, President of Associated Time. “Both the TIBA and Associated Time teams did an excellent job quickly delivering TIBA’s world-class products for Memorial Hermann,” said John Whiteman, Executive Vice President of Sales for TIBA North & South America. “In
addition to the 15 lanes of equipment, our teams were able to remove seven cashier booths, and later add license plate recognition along with valet solutions to provide a unique wholistic solution to meet the quick installation needs of this project.”

After two pay on foot machines and all lanes went live with revenue equipment, the license plate recognition and valet solutions were installed. By strategically moving the location of the two pay on foots, Memorial Hermann received a 20% increase in usage of POF’s over pay in lane traffic. TIB@Pay, TIBA’s payment application for handling traditional bank card payments, also sped up individual transaction times to average 3-5 seconds allowing speedy and simple egress.

With the implementation of TIBA with License Plate Recognition technology and an install that took less than 72 hours, Associated Time met the specific needs of our valued partners,” added Archer. We look forward to a continued partnership with both Memorial Hermann as well as Winpark, both world-class organizations.” Winpark responded to the installation by stating, “the installation was seamless from start to finish with the
Associated Time and TIBA Parking Systems teams being overly accommodating. We are impressed with the quick delivery time and attention to detail.”

About TIBA Parking System: For 30 years, TIBA has provided innovative solutions for the parking market, resulting in reliable, user-friendly products that lower the price of initial acquisition and the cost of ongoing maintenance. TIBA has successfully implemented this through a focus on software development, while continuing to enhance and support its reliable hardware platforms. This allows owners to keep the capital investment down while still enjoying the latest software functionality. With extensive global experience, TIBA’s robust, scalable architecture enables parking operators to keep pace with the latest trends in centralized operations, automated smart facilities, web reservations and mobile payments. TIBA’s flexible software grants parking operators to be IoT-connected and leverage big data to increase revenue. TIBA’s agile integrations with third party systems empower parking operators to be an integral part of the growing Smart Cities ecosystem.
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About Associated Time: Associated Time Instruments is a leading supplier of Workforce Management Systems, Parking and Revenue Control Equipment, and Access Control Systems. Our company is a leader in all of our markets, we distinguish ourselves by providing superior products, expert consulting and engineering, quality installations, comprehensive support, and professional services. Associated Time Instruments provides both standard software products and custom software solutions, we have consistently provided modern and effective solutions to our customers during the past 60 years! For more information, visit

About Winpark: Winpark is backed by the power of Propark America. Our teams are integrators of standards, technologies and business skills, to provide a service tailored to all parking and transportation operations. Since the year 2000, we have built our reputation on superior management of parking operations, with a focus on efficiently managing the financial portion of each account entrusted to our care. One of our largest clients routinely performs third-party audits on their parking operations. We are the only operator with a superior record of passing these exacting audits. Our experience includes the management of facilities in Texas, Florida, and Arizona. ###