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Growing List of Cities Requiring New Buildings to Include EV Parking

person charging an electric vehicleWashington, D.C., has joined the growing list of cities that are requiring new buildings to include EV parking in their plans.

As reported by Smart Cities Dive, new and refurbished commercial and multi-unit buildings in Washington, D.C., that have at least three off-road parking spaces will be required to make at least 20% of those spaces available to accommodate electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, under a new law that took effect this year.

The new requirement came in response to public concern that families in apartment buildings or without garages did not have access to EV chargers, a barrier to purchasing a car. The make-ready rule is part of the city’s goal to have at least 25% of new vehicles registered by 2035 be zero-emissions. Similar make-ready requirements have been adopted or introduced over the past year in cities including Orlando, Florida, Pittsburgh and Salt Lake City as part of a broad effort to increase EV access.


D.C. Considers Shrinking Residential Permit Parking Zones

Washington, D.C. is considering breaking up its residential parking permit zones. Under a D.C. Council bill, the city’s current eight zones would become 41, reducing the area where residents could park with permits.

Currently, D.C. residents may park anywhere in the city wards where they live. Under the new system, the area where they could park with permits would be reduced into Advisory Neighborhood Commissions. Councillors said the Rightsizing Residential Permit Parking Regulation Amendment Act is designed to offer more parking for residents of neighborhoods with limited space, and help business owners struggling with space turnover for customers.

D.C. Ditches Parking for Drop-off, Pick-up Zones

On-street parking is being traded for curbside drop-off/pick-up zones in five places in Washington, D.C., as part of an expanding program.

The curb management program began at one spot on Connecticut Ave., near busy Dupont Circle. After a comment period, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) announced five more of the zones, which will operate 24/7 in other busy corridors. The zones, which will take away some on-street parking spaces, will both help carpoolers and ride-share users and increase pedestrian safety, officials said, and the program follows a model that has worked well during large-scale special events, such as papal visits. The zones are also opened to commercial vehicles making deliveries.

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