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Veterans in Parking, Inc., & Veterans in Parking UK Create a Strategic Partnership Alliance


Veterans in Parking, Inc., & Veterans in Parking UK Create a Strategic Partnership Alliance



Veterans in Parking, Inc., and Veterans in Parking UK have agreed in principle to the creation of a Strategic Partnership Alliance (SPA) between the two organizations to further the mission of placing Military Veterans into meaningful and rewarding careers in the Parking and Transportation industries in the UK and the US. By working together on both sides of “the pond”, Veterans in Parking and Veterans in Parking UK will enjoy a larger geographical footprint, enhanced visibility and the opportunity to combine resources to further their common mission.

Veterans in Parking UK is a newly created initiative of the British Parking Association and is being organized and managed by Dean Fennell-Connell, UK Sales Director for Conduent Transportation. You can reach Dean on LinkedIn  or via telephone at +44 (0) 7771 964682. The British Parking Association is a UK based Not-For-Profit and point of contact is Dave Smith, Head of Communication and Marketing. Dave can be reached via email at dave.s@britishparking.co.uk or via telephone at +44 (0) 7342 854900.

Veterans in Parking, Inc. is a US based Not-For-Profit 501(c)3 Charitable Organization and is managed by a Board of Directors throughout the US. The primary point of contact is: Douglas Cram, President and Founding Member. Doug can be reached via email at admin@vetsinparking.com or via telephone at +1 (770) 331-5864.

IPMI News: International Parking & Mobility Institute and Veterans in Parking Announce Strategic Partnership

International Parking & Mobility Institute and Veterans in Parking Announce Strategic Partnership

The International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI) and Veterans in Parking (ViP) are joining forces to get esteemed military veterans back to work by helping our members and allies in parking, mobility, and transportation post available positions and find qualified professionals to fill them.

The partnership will reinforce our shared goals and build up opportunities in the parking, transportation, and mobility industry for veterans, and support IPMI members by providing additional resources to grow and sustain their organizations.  Key aspects of the partnership include Affiliate organization status, branded postings in the IPMI Career Center, and marketing and promotion through Parking & Mobility magazine, the IPMI Insider, and the parking-mobility.org website, as well as participation in industry events, including the annual conference and Mobility & Innovation Summit.                                                 

The benefits to Veterans in Parking (ViP) members through our partnership are extensive in support of our mission to engage and employee veterans in our industry.  We are excited to launch the partnership and resources with IPMI to grow and advance the careers of these professionals.

Our partnership with IPMI greatly enhances our profile in the industry due to the many years of hard work and industry leadership on the part of IPMI. We are especially excited about our ability to better serve our Members and Sponsors through the sharing and integration of job listings via the IPMI Career Center and resumes via the Resume Exchange. This Strategic Partnership is a huge leap forward toward achieving our mission of Parking/Transportation Jobs for Veterans and Veterans for Parking/Transportation Jobs.

Douglas Cram, V.P./Treasurer of ViP

Our industry is lucky to count many military veteran in its ranks, and we’re very grateful for their service and willingness to bring their expertise to work in communities through parking and mobility. There has never been a better time to launch such a worthy partnership – this is a tangible way for IPMI and our membership to further support our current service members and veterans, and to add their tremendous expertise and contributions to our cadre of industry professionals.  

Shawn Conrad, CAE, CEO of IPMI

Be on the lookout for new job postings, resources, and more as we embark on our strategic partnership with Veterans in Parking. 

About ViP

Veterans in Parking (ViP) is a Not for Profit Organization comprised of U.S. Military Veterans and Civilians affiliated with the parking industry in the United States. ViP was founded by a group of Parking Professionals that recognized an opportunity to create an organization that would help recruit, hire and place Military Veterans into careers within the Parking industry. The only requirements for active membership in ViP is to have been Honorably Discharged from U.S Military service or currently be on Active Duty, National Guard or Reserve duty status (Military member) or to be involved in the Parking Industry and have a desire to promote the goals and principals of the ViP Organization (Civilian member).

Visit ViP here.

About IPMI

The International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI) is the world’s largest industry trade association in parking, transportation, and mobility.   We are a member-driven organization, supporting and representing members from cities, municipalities and downtowns; colleges and universities; commercial real estate companies and operators; airports, bus, and transit agencies; healthcare institutions; and all related supporting companies, including mobility providers, suppliers, planners, architects, and consultants. Through our members and industry colleagues we have access to the owners and operators of more than 40,000 parking facilities in addition to on-street operations throughout North America.

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Celebrating Veterans Working in Parking

soldier looking at the sunset.By Allen Corry, CAPP

A veteran is a person with long service or experience in a particular occupation or field. It can also be a person who has served and is no longer serving in the military. Military veterans who have served directly in combat in a war are further defined as war veterans. We have numerous military veterans and war veterans in our parking and transportation industry.

Technological advances in parking have created tremendous industry opportunities for future employment and career development for the many veterans who have served in the many branches of the Armed Forces. It is the intent of the Veterans In Parking (ViP) organization, which is affiliated with IPMI, to leverage the unique skills and talents of those with military service to help fill the ranks of our industry.

My 30-year logistics experience in the U.S. Army was an ideal fit for the parking and transportation industry. This industry’s collaboration, teamwork, and the numerous facets of the many unique organizations and operations sparked my curiosity and drew me to the parking and transportation business. These parking and transportation organizations remind me of the military.

The parking industry, like every industry in the United States, owes a debt of gratitude to our veterans and benefits greatly by taking advantage of their courage and leadership skills to help guide companies into a profitable future. The veterans we have in the industry stand out positively among other applicants when competing for positions due to the experience, dedication, and discipline they acquired during their military service. They are trained to be effective leaders, focused on being a team, working in unison to accomplish a task. Our industry also looks for veterans because of their many skills and talents. Our veteran employees give back to their organizations and are recognized for their accomplishments and their military service.

We should salute and thank all of our parking and transportation veterans because of their sacrifices and the sacrifices of their families while serving and protecting our country–especially those service members who paid the ultimate price with their lives. If you know a veteran, when you see them, thank them for their service to our country and protecting our nation.

Allen Corry CAPP is AVP, Transportation Business Unit, with DFW International Airport, a member of IPMI’s Board of Directors, and retired from the U.S. Army as a Command Sergeant Major.

Thanking Our Veterans in Parking

By Shawn Conrad, CAE

It’s been nearly 50 years since my brother and brother-in-law returned from serving in Vietnam. I vividly remember celebrating their return with a very large meal and very large gathering of family. I don’t recall much about what happened after the party. My  brother went to college to get his degree and my brother-in-law got a job and married my sister.

On Veterans Day, we are reminded of those who have given their lives and served to protect the U.S.  This year, we have another way to celebrate and recognize those who served in the military. Recently, a group of visionary industry leaders launched Veterans in Parking (VIP) to transfer the leadership and multitude of other skills soldiers learned in the military to careers in the parking, transportation, and mobility industry.  It’s a great thing: Our industry has many employment opportunities and VIP will help veterans find employers looking to fill positions.

To learn how you can become active in VIP, take a look at the website. This new organization is a wonderful way for us to recognize and thank veterans for their service all year long.

Shawn Conrad, CAE, is IPMI’s CEO.